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As we all comic lovers know the relationship of Harley Quinn and The Joker, but is their story just like the American criminals Bonnie and Clyde? I've conducted the similarities between the DC comic lovers in crime and the historic lovers in crime.

First of all, both girls were falling in love with the criminal men. its easy for a girl to find a guy of their dream but never expected to be a criminal of the crime (right girls?)

Secondly, they sometimes have bad relationships. sometimes females will lie to their Boyfriends about almost everything themselves just to save on embarrassment, even I as a girl will know about it. But Harley didn't lie but joker did.

Also, The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde is an common story when 2 criminals are in love doing crimes and stuff and this got me thinking Are The Joker and Harley Quinn be the same as Bonnie and Clyde? however, I may be wrong about this so i made some reasons how they are not alike and it maybe something you Dont know.

  • Bonnie was married before Clyde came along.

Hard to understand right? Well its simple Bonnie's last wasn't her maiden name. She married Thornton Parker who was in prison for robbery. Makes sense why she was convinced to be with Clyde. When she died she was wearing her winging ring (she never divorced her recent husband).

  • Harley And The Joker were in a On and Off Relationship

Harleen (Harley Quinn) was intrigued with Jokers lies that he told back in Arkham Asylum and fell in love with lies. After she became Harley Quinn, Joker told her everything he said was lie and kicked her out on spot. at that time was Taken in Poison ivy and Cat Woman as Part of My Favorite "Gotham Sirens". Then of course Joker wanted he back again now she was risen to be a Psycho like him. Personally, I would have give him 3 chances "3 strikes and you're out".

  • Bonnie and Clyde had hardly robbed Banks.

Yeah yeah Bonnie and Clyde were not so fearsome they only robed wimpy old stores such as Grocery stores and gas stations and get only $5 to $10. It was the Great Depression era for goodness sake they had to steal something!! But The Joker and Harley were smarter then that pair. They robbed Bigger banks than stores and Gas stations.

  • The difference between Sanity & Insanity

Who's more crazy? Well isn't obvious? Harley Quinn & The Joker of course! Harley was crazy enough to be with the Joker (so was Bonnie) and These men have no idea what they were picking up. I'll Tell you what WOMEN. We women are the muse to these men to appeal them to do something awesome for once (but not Harley she was amused).


Do you think Harley and Joker's Story is the same as Bonnie and Clyde's story? In your opinoin

Both legends may or may not be the same but they are amusing to read or watch if your watching a movie about them. if you want more info about them I'm available on both Facebook and Google+ or you can Email me @ [email protected]


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