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We all know these two actors have been playing the lead characters in the ongoing TV series The Flash. One of which is we can clearly say is playing the lead role of Barry Allen or The Flash. But the question is what character is Tom Cavanagh playing besides Dr. Harrison Wells. Every fan know there's some thing more about this harrison wells character than what meets the eye. So there's quite a buzz about him bieng the Reverse Flash who is the archenemy of the flash.

But what if he is the Barry Allen came from the future ?

Well i've got a pretty amazing theory about it..

1. Facial similarity.

Both of the actors are so selected that they look each others another version fom time. Both have similar facial features and body type. Also eye and hair color are same. It doesn't take anything more than observation to tell they're alike. They walk and talk similar which quite proves the theory.

2. He could be back from future to prevent Nora Allen's death.

Well i know the fact that according to the current position of the series, Nora Allen is already dead but, Nora Allen died when Reverse Flash travelled back in time along with the Flash. So may be he wants to prevent reverse flash from going back. May be what he's been telling to joe is true. May be he just wants to prevent flash from doing the same mistake that he did. So thus explains why he took the tachyon field manipulator device or whatever it is as we saw at the end of the mid season finale " The Man in the Yellow Suit ". Actually i fear the day when joe finally finds out that he's the guy behind Nora Allen's death and came from the future and he arrests him but then he turns out to be the future Barry Allen.

Well its just a theory and I'd love it if I'm wrong because.. honestly who doesn't like surprises especially when it comes from a TV series you like. So whatever it is i don't think they're gonna reveal it any sooner coz thats what selling them off. That is the USP of the series but till then we can make theories about it.

Please do comment about how'd u liked it and whats your opinion on it. There's more coming from me so till then Stay amazed. Stay tuned !!!


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