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While Matthew Vaughn's new movie Kingsman: The Secret Service doesn't open in theaters until February, 20th Century Fox is doing their best to get the word about the spy film for movie fans everywhere. The film was heavily featured during San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and it's likely that we're going to see a bigger push when the release date creeps up.

The good people at JoBlo have a few exclusive featurettes about the cast of Kingsman: The Secret Service. First up, is the #1 spy with Kingsman, Harry Hart (Codename: Galahad), played wonderfully by Colin Firth. He's first and foremost a gentleman spy and mentor to the film's protagonist Eggsy. Check out Harry Hart's featurette below:

Samuel L. Jackson plays Valentine, a mobile phone tycoon and the film's villain. Valentine seems to be based on Russell Simmons, if he were a maniacal megalomaniac super villain. While Valentine is one of the film's villains, he's also one of the best parts of the movie. You just can't help, but like this character, even though he is pure evil. Watch Valentine's video below:

Eggsy is the film's main character. Think of him as the Luke Skywalker of Kingsman: The Secret Service. Harry Hart helps him reach his true potential, which, I guess, makes him the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the movie. Eggsy is rough around the edges, but he quickly becomes a wonderful spy. It's actually fun to watch his journey from street thug to gentleman spy. Check out Eggsy's featurette below:

If Kingsman: The Secret Service is a love letter to the British spy genre, then every good villain, needs a good henchman, or in this case henchwoman. Algerian actress Sofia Boutella plays Gazelle, one of the most lethal characters in the movie. She's quit and deadly and completely unforgettable. Watch her video below:

Roxy is another recruit for Kingsman and Eggsy's love interest. She's smart and daring, and ultimately, helps Eggsy take down Valentine and Gazelle. Check out Roxy's featurette below:

Finally, there's Arthur, played by Michael Caine, the head of Kingsman. Don't let his good nature fool you, there's more to him than what appears. Watch his video below:

Kingsman: The Secret Service hits theaters February 13, 2015.


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