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After two weeks of voting on our entirely fan-driven poll to decide the Best Movie of 2014, you guys have proclaimed the winning movie loud and clear! You narrowed it down from the original 32 to the last movie standing.

You debated, you commented, you voted and offered your opinions. Some of you picked the winner from the start, and some of you disagreed with the movies that moved on. But everyone did agree on one thing, and that was that this was a lot of fun to watch unfold, both for our fans and staff.

Without further adieu, the movie the majority of fans have voted the Best Movie of 2014...*drumroll*


Most of you agreed that while [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) was an incredible movie, there was something about Guardians that made audiences fall in love. Maybe it was the blend of humor, heart, and full-on buttkicking that was so well-balanced. Maybe it was because Marvel managed to take a bunch of unknown and oddball characters and make them fan favorites. Maybe it's because it's pretty much impossible to not love Chris Pratt.

Whatever the case, you, the fans, have spoken and decided that Guardians of the Galaxy is the Best Movie of 2014.

But wait, there's more!

Remember we said we were having a contest for our epic, handpicked Blu-ray/DVD bundle giveaway? Well, we've picked our lucky winner, and it is...

Actually, can I get another drumroll, please? I'll wait.


Our lucky winner is...


Congratulations, Art! Our fabulous Community Manager, Marco, will be contacting you to get the Blu-ray bundle to your doorstep!

So that's it! The Best Movie of 2014 as voted by you, our readers and fans.

Let's have some fun - which movie do you think will win Best Movie of 2015? Let us know in the comments!


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