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Spoilers to follow. Duh.

Let's start off by quickly getting rid of the obvious points. The majority would agree that season 2 so far has been far superior to season 1. It can also be said that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has started the MCU's phase 3 by introducing Inhumans! In this article I will review the season so far (fair criticism and praise) as well as point out a few predictions that I hope/suspect will happen from the second half.

The Good
One of the best parts about being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that the potential for storytelling and crossovers is unparalleled. But it goes both ways: after the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Alexander Pierce was defeated and S.H.I.E.L.D. was dismantled. Through Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we get to see the aftermath of what the world has become as well as other Hydra heads (Whitehall, and hoping for a von Strucker appearance later). To be able to see what Hydra was doing and how Whitehall was in charge of North America while Strucker was "busy" in overseas is fascinating. The introduction of Inhumans is also very satisfying to have on the show as it brings a whole new element to the game because it's not the world of spies anymore, not even the world of heroes - this is the age of miracles!

Skye's dad, or Daisy's, is Calvin Zabo. And boy it was a lot of fun watching Kyle MacLachlan. His crazy-yet-subtle demeanour is exactly how Dr. Hyde should be played on screen. Huge props to the casting department for this one. Another great cast has been Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse. She's such a welcome to the cast and I hope they give her more cool fight scenes. It'd be really cool if she'll play a part in Captain America: Civil War. Maybe she's Fury's eyes-and-ears for the rebuilding of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

The Bad
One of the downsides of the season for me has been Dr. Whitehall. I didn't buy him as a villain or worthy of being Hydra. I'm not sure if Whitehall was supposed to just be a distraction for viewers so that the show can reveal Skye's father as the main villain of the season but Whitehall wasn't menacing enough in my opinion. Grant Ward has been the best villain (if you can call him a villain) of the season. Even with his short amount of screen time this season -- he was locked up for the first few episodes -- he has that mysterious aura that reeks insanity. Some have even argued that Ward has been one of the best villains in the entire MCU... mainly because the films don't have many complex baddies. Wouldn't it be epic if Ward got promoted as a main Hydra head along side von Strucker? He'd probably mess things up because he flies solo (and obsessed with Skye/Daisy). We don't know if Whitehall is truly dead, but if does return, I hope he's more convincing and not so casual-minded. I mean, what exactly was his defence? He got shot from behind... He should be more protected than that if he was the main bad guy.

Another aspect of the season I find unappealing is the large number of cast members having to share 42 minutes of every episode. With so many characters on screen the episodes become too unfocused and all over the place. For example, I thought the midseason finale was one of their best episodes to date. However, because we had to see so many different events at the same time, it was a little bit messy. It turns out that the city wasn't Attilan, but I wish there could have been a little more of a battle down there. Whitehall's Hydra agents seem pretty week considering they've lost to Coulson's vigilante rag-tag group who don't even have backup. I wish they developed more of these Hydra agents as a threat. They are S.H.I.E.L.D. trained after all, but they all drop like flies!

Second-Half Predictions
Marvel is usually pretty hard to predict because they're so tightlipped but I was able to get a few things right before season 2. So let's give it another shot. Recently, there have been rumblings about a Hawkeye appearance on the show because of a picture Clark Gregg posted on his Facebook page. While it would be greatly welcomed, a Hawkeye appearance would have to make sense. I don't want him popping up just for the sake of keeping fans happy or for ratings purposes. For example, Lady Sif's appearance last year was good, but I felt like it was too random and unnecessary.

Agent Triplett's death was really well done in my opinion. Many thought that it didn't have a great impact because he was under-used this season but he'll be missed for sure. I truly believe he is dead and for those of you who say no one is truly dead in the comicbook lore, I feel like that doesn't apply here since he disintegrated into rubble. I mean they had a goingaway party for B.J. Britt. So those fans who are still convinced , get over yourselves - it's getting pretty annoying. Every hero's journey has tragedy and this was Skye's. I wish it was Hunter that died but since he's contracted as a main cast member, he's gonna be alive for the rest of the season.

I still think Whitehall is alive. He does have Skye's mother's organs. Her power was that she didn't age and that might include regenerative powers. They wouldn't introduce Whitehall as the main baddie and kill him at the half way point. I believe they will somehow introduce the Kraken's helmet for Whitehall to wear so that he becomes more ruthless and menacing.

The introduction of Inhumans means that the show has an opportunity to do a freak-of-the-week with different Inhumans they have to deal with by I don't think that's the route they're going with. One of the upsides of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is that they focus on the overall story rather than introducing a new villain every week (i.e see The Flash). Don't worry I love The Flash too, but Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a good change of pace. But let's not get into that. The back half of season 2 will focus on Skye learning to control her powers as well as Reader looking for other Inhumans. Raina is a wildcard, but now that she's gotten what she wanted, I feel like she'll truly be a villain. Somehow her transformations will not make her happy... Skye gets powers but still gets to look human, but Raina grows whiskers!

The second half of the season returns after Agent Carter but that could be a good thing. If season 2.5 starts on March 3rd, that would mean they would run the rest of the season without any breaks/interruptions right through to Age of Ultron, and then some. Leave your comments below on your thoughts on season 2 so far and beyond!


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