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So, if you've seen my previous post for The Flash, then you'd probably already know my insane theory that Dr. Wells is really Barry from the future - if not, I'll shamelessly promote myself here where you can check it out.

Anyways, straight out the gate with this show, we've been hit with mystery and misdirection at every turn, which is refreshing to say the least; last time a show did this for me was Lost. So, when a show like this hits the air, you know that you've got to watch pretty carefully, otherwise you might overlook some of the finer details that actually make a world of difference.

Blurred Lines
Blurred Lines

Perfect example, that scene where we finally come face-to-face with the Reverse Flash. Literally. Take another look at this still where the Reverse Flash, after disposing of the other cops, looks Eddie right in the eyes before taking off.

Sup bro?
Sup bro?

Notice anything? Go on, look a little closer. Nope? Not yet? Okay, well if you haven't spotted it for yourself already, I'll take this opportunity to point out one very crucial detail - Det. Eddie Thawne is TOO SHORT TO BE THE REVERSE FLASH.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Take a look at Eddie's shoulders, and then look at the Reverse Flash's. Now take a look at Eddie's chin, and then take a look at the Reverse Flash's. Even his posture says something; Eddie is standing up perfectly straight, but the Reverse Flash is actually hunched over a bit, looking down at Eddie.

So, besides the obvious, what does this mean now? A lot. For example, if the Reverse Flash ISN'T Eddie, and it ISN'T Dr. Wells (see my theory on why here) then who is it? But more than that, if it isn't Eddie, why didn't he kill him?

Unless it's necessary for Thawne to live.

This would all point to the theory that the Reverse Flash is actually a descendant of Eddie Thawne - which makes complete sense. It would be a waste to throw away the name. I mean, Thawne is quite literally the last name of a Reverse Flash - even the initials match. E(ddie) T(hawne) - E(obard) T(hawne). It's almost too coincidental. Besides, if they were going to try and stay true to the time travel roots of The Flash, this would be their best bet. Nobody wants to hear about someone traveling back ten years from the future to get revenge for losing their girl to a nerd - they want to hear about a mentally unstable guy traveling from a few centuries away with his own mysterious motives.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think!


What do you think about Eddie not being the R.F.?


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