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So all you fans out there that just can't wait for some new pictures of the Avengers Age of Ultron well good news for you as Toy companies usually release their toys before the film comes out.

Well Hot-Toys have revealed some of the new suits the Avengers will be wearing in the new film.

Yes i already know Marvel has shown Hawkeye's suit in the trailer as well as Thor's a little bit of Black widows but not much.

As Hot-Toys is known for making the best 12-inch figures everything you see in the movies Hot-Toys will put on their figures.

Anyway her all some of the pictures.

As far as now their is still no news for Quick silver or Scarlet Witch i pretty sure they will be showed just at a later time.

Now for Vision i can almost promise you he will not be showed as you know or maybe you don't know Marvel has been keeping him hidden.

Their is news that Ultron might be shown some time they did show Thanos which he is pretty cool.

As you could see Black Widow has a new suit & new weapons as well as hawkeye his weapons look the same just in different color.

The mark 43 iron man suit is pretty much the same as before in iron man 3 just now their is more red than gold.

Thor's suit is a little darker than from Thor The Dark World and his cape looks a little darker.

Caps suit is new it looks a little like the stealth Suit from Captain America The Winter Solider just now he has the flag in the middle of his chest again kind of like he did in the first avenger just darker.

His boots are also different color from what they were before.

The hulk has new shorts as you could see !

I will update you all if they show Ultron or the Twins heres some pics of Thanos.

Heres the 1:1 Scale of the Hulkbuster.

Now for anyone this is wondering what these figures go for well most 12-inch figures cost around $189-$200 depends on what character you want.

Now for the Hulkbuster being around 23-24 inch's tall the price might be somewhere around $790-$900 which is pretty cheap i will still buy him and fact i will buy all of the new figures.

These pictures where taken from Hong Kong Today.


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