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2014 was a stellar year for movies. Whether it was blockbuster smash hits like Guardians of The Galaxy or indie hits like The Fault in Our Stars, 2014 was a great year. Next year is no exception.. We have tons of blockbusters, smart movies, some cool indies and the usual family hits. I decided to make this list on the movies I feel will go quite well, counting down from 20. This list features movies that you know and maybe some you won't.. Be sure to look out for all these movies next year!

20. Hitman (August)

Agent 47 is back for this soft reboot of the worlds deadliest assassin. He will be accompanied by his trusty silverballers, red-tie suit, bar-code and an array of expertise. Rupert Friend (Homeland) will play the iconic sharp-shooter that is expected to be released next August after being delayed.

19. Get Hard (March)

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell star in this comedy that will probably be the funniest movie of 2015 seeing these two comedic superstars together in one movie. The plot is as follows: When millionaire James King is nailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars. Get ready to see this one early enough in March next year.

18. Mad Max (May)

If you haven't already seen the awesome trailer for this epic movie, make sure you go do that right now. Cross the video game Borderlands with some live-action craziness and you have the beauty that is this movie that has a wonderful cast to back it up: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult. This should be a strong early summer hit next year in May.

17. Ted 2 (June)

Seth MacFarlane has an undeniable quality to lure people to his movies with his outrageous comedy and quick one-liners. He will surely rake in millions with this highly anticipated sequel to the hit first movie. Expected June next year!

16. Splinter Cell

This is the second video-game adaptation on our list so far. Still in terms of stealth we have Sam Fisher's: Splinter Cell which looks to be quite the bad-a*s film. I'll be seeing this bad boy the day its out! The potential is high for this movie to be great with the fantastic Tom Hardy as the lead. Now we just wait for the trailer to judge it a bit more.

15. Tomorrowland (May)

Little is really known about this movie, even though we got a trailer recently. It stars George Clooney and is a Disney movie with a little bit of mysteriousness surrounding it. I'm sure this one will be a surprise hit with critics and viewers alike! It is expected May 22nd this year!

14. Focus

A veteran grifter takes a young, attractive woman under his wing, but things get complicated when they become romantically involved. This movie is one I'll be seeing for sure because I love Will Smith and I feel like I haven't seen a new movie by him in ages (mainly because I didn't watch After Earth).

13. Chappie

Chappie is the lastest sci-fi movie from the well respected Neill Blomkamp. There's already a trailer for this cool looking movie and I'm sure this will be one of the surprise hits of the year! It will be an early one coming in March but I feel if it's good it will be remembered for the rest of the year!

12. Triple Nine

A group of corrupt police officers are blackmailed into pulling off a seemingly impossible heist. They plot the murder of a rookie police officer in order to orchestrate a "999", code for 'officer down', to pull off the heist across town. An amazing cast in: Aaron Paul, Kate Winslet and Normal Reedus.

11. Crimson Peak

In the aftermath of a family tragedy, an aspiring author is torn between love for her childhood friend and the temptation of a mysterious outsider. Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she is swept away to a house that breathes, bleeds... and remembers. This is a return to legendary director Guillermo del Toro.

10. The Walk

The story of French high-wire artist Philippe Petit's attempt to cross the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974. I have a big interest in this because my favorite actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the lead.

9. Spectre

The latest installment for the James Bond franchise, with the Daniel Craig returning as bond and the awesome Sam Mendes in the directing chair.

8. The Martian

An astronaut, stranded on Mars, struggles to survive. This sci-fi movie also includes a stellar cast: Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Matt Damon and Kristian Wigg. Directed by legendary director, Ridley Scott

7. The Hateful Eight

The legend himself, Tarantino is back for another movie. It's also his return to the western movies which he proved to be a success with Django Unchained. A solid movie for this year.

6. Sea of Trees

For me this is the knock-out black horse in terms of movies this year. Pure acting quality in the shape of McConaughey and Ken Wantabe. It follows two men on a spiritual adventure instead of taking their own lives.

5. Inside Out

Told from the perspective of the emotions inside the mind of a little girl. Pixar's big movie that will be released next June!

4. Ant-Man

Paul Rudd is part of Marvel's latest risk in their ambitious movie slate. I personally love Paul Rudd and so I think this will be one of the best movies next year! All we have to wait for is a good look at the movie.

3. Jurassic World

Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park (1993), Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. After 10 years of operation and visitor rates declining, in order to fulfill a corporate mandate, a new attraction is created to re-spark visitor's interest, which backfires horribly.

2. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and it is up to the Avengers to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A continuation of the saga created by George Lucas set thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983). An obvious candidate for the biggest movie of 2015 with the original cast returning.


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