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Being a kid in the 1980's was legendary, you had all these kick ass toys, games, comic books, movies and great sports going on. I was only 4 years old when the TMNT came on the scene as a cartoon and watched them periodically until the mid 90's. I was a total Ninja Turtle geek like a lot of kids, had the pillow cases, bed sheets, clothes and of course the action figures. When the movie came out in 1990 it was awesome, getting to see the Turtles come to life. Sure it was dark and practically unkind towards a kids movie but I didn't care I just wanted to see the turtles. 20+ years later I'm still getting goosebumps of the nostalgia. People want to parade on how bad this movie of 2014 was and how sexist it is or that it was too much action or the turtles looking like crap, don't like the movie don't watch it. Personally I thought it was done pretty damn well and had a good story behind it. If you think about it this was more kid friendly than the first film ever was. Even in the comics the turtles were violent and blood shedding, not so much in this one.

This took action filming to another level with a franchise as oppose to what it was back in the 90's even with the first one. This movie alone had more action than the first 3 films combined and sure it had a more specific element to where they came from but also utilized the weaponry we all know and love as oppose to half assing them in films 2 and 3. You have to realize that we can't have the same movie played out every time there's a reboot, very few are promising and although i'll agree on some of the acting this movie portrayed (especially to Megan Fox's April O'Neil) it still had more towards the demographic of today. You can bad mouth it or praise it all you want I quite frankly don't care but if you don't know the classic behind the Turtles you shouldn't be writing about it at all. If you were a kid of the late 80's and 90's you would understand, you've seen the movies and the cartoons and you liked them whether you'll admit or not. Action is a part of that nostalgia with the turtles and showing their true potential. Seriously who in their right mind at the time where the turtles took over the world that didn't want to be a ninja, they made martial arts look cool.

Back in the 90's the films had the animatronics that looked surprisingly life-like and was one of the most unique things of the time. I literally thought those Turtles were real that's how sucked in I was. The first film was geared more towards the comic book with a little adage of the cartoon but not by much. It was amazing even back then that they could pull off a live-action version of 4 brothers from the sewers who became ninjas that came from the teachings of a rat, just awesome. Now we live in the CGI age where computers practically make the movie these days but still can make kick ass sets, real life people and great story telling. Today they can make characters that are animated and let them run loose as oppose to a human being who is limited in his movement, sure i'm all for a real person going after the shredder or a Japanese warlord but I also want to see where the potential is if you added a little animation to it, think of the possibilities.

I've read the opinions of Shredder, the innuendos of Mikey, the negative comments on the turtles look and the supposed "terrible acting" from a lot of people, I got two words for you: Lighten Up. It's a movie and it's going to have things you like and won't like. I for one won't give the movie a complete 10/10 because I know what could've been better but I would give it maybe at tops a 8. It had good action, someone could've done a better April than Fox did and like many people I wished they put in Casey Jones cause next to the turtles he was a bad ass. The story was decent and the turtles had a more modern look plus you had Johnny Noxville as the voice of Leo, remember in the first and third movie Corey Feldman did the voice for Donatello? If you don't like the movie stop talking about it then, if you do like it enjoy it and live it up. This world is full of ignorant and widely opinionated people who don't seem to really enjoy themselves. If you plan on going to see a movie, renting, netflix/amazon or whatever, just sit back and enjoy it and be bold about it, if you happen to not like it don't ever watch it again that simple. For me this was like living my childhood again and remembering what it was like to be a kid and enjoying my favorite heroes. Don't take away someone's love for a movie just because you can't seem to enjoy it.

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