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This film recounts the war time when the Japanese Imperalists took over China. Who other than for Xiao Hong or should I say " Zhang Naiying " as her birth name was given to write the days and accounts leading up to such tragic events.

Ms. Hong was nearly sold to a brothel unless she came up for 600 Yuan. She was pregnant at the time and alone, she was seeking for help from a local newspaper. She fell for the newspaper editor whom became her boyfriend later.

She wrote numerous books including her famous one " The Field of Life an Death " which was told from a japanese rule point of view while torturing chinese women at the time of war.

I really enjoyed this movie as it is touching and really really heart warming. The action and effects do make it real as if you were there. The drama, the loneliness that Ms.Hong endured also lingers in yourself.

She died during wartime Hong Kong in a temporary hospital on January 22, 1942. She was misdiagnosed and painfully died after undergoing throat surgery that left her speechless, without either of her life’s two loves at her side. She was buried at dusk on January 25, 1942 in Hong Kong’s Repulse Bay.

RIP "Zhang Naiying"


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