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Now we all know there are two Reverse Flash's but could it be the same person

Harrison Wells

We finally saw his dark side at the end of mid season finale of the Flash but you're wondering how did he beat himself up if he was the Reverse Flash or even appear as the reverse flash when he was his normal self.


It's possible that Dr. Wells created a clone of himself with the same abilities so it wouldn't look like he was the Reverse Flash and make it believable that he was getting beating up by someone else but he really wasn't and he somehow changed the color of lightning from yellow to red. He knows how to beat Barry because he knows all of his strengths and weaknesses. The device he was looking for the clone could just report to the dr. and give it to him

Time Travel

it could be possible that time travel was in play because maybe Dr. Wells is teaming up with himself from the future with more power and more speed than Barry Allen. This could explain how it looked like he was beating himself up or appear to be someone different.

How can Wells do any of this without anyone accidentally see him and what he is doing? If he is trying to keep the future intact and make the flash disapeer why doesn't he just get rid of him now and not help him? How will Barry deal with this when he finds out that the person that is helping him is trying to destroy him.


Which theory do agree with?


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