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Maleficent is such a good movie, it was probably so good because I watched The Giver the night before (which was terrible).

In all seriousness I loved this movie, what I really loved was that it showed a side of Maleficent that no one knew about.

I kept telling myself as I watched the movie, “she isn’t THAT evil, a broken heart caused her pain, suffering, and heartache, it isn’t her fault”.

Angelina Jolie did an absolutely fantastic job as the evil fairy herself, I literally was scared of her and I cringed every time I saw her boney cheekbones.
The ending from what my fiancé describes it, “was too happy” but I mean Disney purposely changed the whole Sleeping Beauty story obviously.

The movie had its scary moments, happy moments, sad moments; it was done so well.

The CGI was questionable, at one point in the movie Maleficent turned her black raven sidekick (Diaval) into a weird looking wolf; completely threw me off because his wolf like face looked weird.

Overall I would totally recommend this movie, definitely a must watch for the whole family.

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