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Peter Jackson what have you done.........

Okay, lets start with what I liked. Thorin, played by Richard Armitage, was amazing. His descent into greed and insanity were beautifully done and I was really sucked into his execution. Bilbo is also great, played by Martin Freeman. Those two characters really pulled me through the movie, because there was so much crap I could not tolerate; that it was painful.

Smaug; voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, was another character I was overjoyed to see amazingly executed. I was very nervous about how they were going to create and present Smaug, but I loved it and it really blew me away. The voice, the design, it was all amazing. I even liked how they portrayed his death.

Now the bad. I could talk all day about how they changed the history around by adding Azog (the albino orc) as the main villain for the story. When greed is supposed to be the antagonist for this story and Azog is technically dead anyway..Killed by Thorin's father. but what really bothers me is the unnecessary love plot between Tauriel and Kili. Not to mention it is basically a love triangle, because Legolas is also hot for her. What were they trying to do? Recreate the love tale between Aragorn and Arwen? I know that in the original Hobbit tale there are literally no female characters, and so they probably thought to fill it out as a movie they needed to add villains and females, and that's fine. But the love triangle is a ridiculous stretch and so unnecessary that it just had me scowling through the whole last film. Having an attractive kick-ass she-elf is fine. But Tauriel spends most her time staring wide-eyed up into the sky worrying about Kili. Whom they keep alive a little longer, just so that he can die dramatically trying to save Tauriel's ass. It was to much, they did not need this love plot and I think it just distracted me most the time from the overall story, and it almost completely ruined the film for me.

I also was annoyed by the addition of Bard's family..They are really trying to make us feel for these characters, but it was to pushy. I don't give a damn what Bard's kids are up too...Also the character Alfrid..I hate when they add a comedic relief character. I wanted to feel tense! This is a really tense part of the story, I wanted that tension. Not this annoying character running around ruining my concentration on the important intensity of the story. Very unhappy with his addition to the story.

Combat...The only thing I have to say about this is how childish the combat is. Its a little too silly for me and it comes off ridiculous. Through all three movies most of the combat has been childish and it does not really fit. Just like Alfrid, I find the humor misplaced. Although I did love the final fight between Thorin and Azog.

On to the CG an make-up. Well to start Legolas looks oddly strange and I was aware of his five- o'clock shadow on every close up scene with him in it. Besides Smaug and the orcs most everything looks pretty bad as far as the CG goes. and I do not like that Dain (Thorin's cousin) played by Bill Connolly, who would have looked great in an actual beard, was completely CG....budget issues I am sure.

I really loved the Elf army, even though that was completely CG as well. It looks to me like they just repeated the same persons face over and over to create those soldiers.

The biggest problem with these movies is they do not have the same feel as the LOTR, and I was always hoping Peter Jackson would make a Hobbit movie after LOTR was completed. I love these stories so much, they are my absolute favorite fantasy story and I am just disappointed that it has to end like this. I almost teared up during the end credits when Billy Boyd sang The Last Goodbye. As for all the added scenes with Gandalf I did not mind that them, because that stuff was in the silmarillion, and really happened in the histories, so it was a good way to flesh out the story.

I could rant about these movies all day, but I am sad it has to be over and I really don't ever want to stop seeing movies on middle earth. Even if I disagree with the added content.


So I want to know, what did you guys think?


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