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So its been almost two weeks since TWD has gone off for the mid-season finale. I watch the show every week with my brother and my fiance and we enjoy it very much. and myself along with everyone who watches the show and/or reads the comics always like to speculate whats going to happen next. so that's what I'm going to do.

so when we last left our "heroes", they had just suffered the loss of Beth. Daryl was seen carrying her body out to Maggie and Glenn, and the rest of the group was standing around in shock and disbelief.

now we all have seen the teaser for the back eight of season 5. i for one have a huge theory of how at least the first 2 episodes of the second half will go.

after the group leaves Gradey Memorial they need to procure vehicles, not only that but food and they need to keep moving. after Terminus, rick has this mind set that there is nowhere safe. so they keep moving, perhaps to where Noah is from in Virginia. now for those who have read the comics like myself, we know this place is known as New Alexandria. it is called the safe-zone. for one reason really, it's a walled community. inside it is 100 homes that are all ran on solar energy, the community is complete with a general store and even a church. now in the comic series when rick and his group first come along the safe-zone, they were brought there by one of the communities. many scout, they go out and look for people to come fill the safe zone and make it more of a community. so from the various clips we have seen, and thanks to our very crafty and reliable friends over at the spoiling dead, there has not yet been word of anyone who finds the group and brings them there. so they stumble upon it themselves. another thing mentioned in the comic series is that the community isn't completely safe. its only in about 45% use. the other 55% of the community is over run and walled off. my theory is that the group comes to this walled off infested side of the safe-zone and clears a decent portion of it out.

this can easily be supported by the teaser trailer amc gave us at the mid season finale, where you see rick michonne and others running away from a gate. even bits of rick and michonne both inside a structure of some sort talking about if they should stay safe or keep moving on, there is no safety.

now i think the first episode will mostly be focused on how the group will deal with beths death and leaving Atlanta, but towards the end of the episode they will come to the wall and make a decision of run or go in.

they will of course go in and as soon as they do they see it is infested. they quickly make a choice to head for a house and try and fight their way out and depend where they are for a time being. after picking the walkers off bit by bit the group is "safe" for time being and decide to scavenge for supplies, and much to their surprise they find lots of food, clothes, and melee weapons. as they keep moving on the come to an even bigger wall and voices and sounds coming from the other side which prompts them to yell for help, just as a group of walkers approach our group.

what do you think will happen to our group of survivors?


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