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If you haven't yet read my previous post about the possibility of a Star Wars Cinematic Universe, you should probably go and read it now. Just click that bold lettering and it'll take you straight there. Don't worry, we'll wait for you.

Over the recent years, every big time movie studio and their mother seems to have been starting up their own Cinematic Universe. While DC seem to be starting new ones left, right and centre with every new show they bring out, Fox have merely decided to rehash their longstanding X-Men franchise into a full on Universe, with Deadpool and, should my prayers be answered, Gambit soon to join their ranks. There's the new Harry Potter spin-offs just around the corner, and even the company behind The Hunger Games have expressed interest in expanding the franchise from it's classic three act structure.

And of course, there's Marvel, who since taking that one huge risk in 2008 have single handedly reshaped the world of cinema as we know it.

Marvel, making billions before it was cool.
Marvel, making billions before it was cool.

So where, you may be asking, because I know I have been, is our Star Wars Cinematic Universe? While Disney have confirmed they have a couple of spin off movies in the works, there's been little to no mention of a combined universe outside of claims that everything from now on will be canon. Star Wars is one of the biggest media franchises out there, if not THE biggest. It would truly be a real shame in my eyes to let such a great opportunity go to waste.

Again, do go check out my earlier post about this here. I promise this isn't just shameless self promotion; I really do try to make a bit of sense!
Fine. Suit yourselves.
Fine. Suit yourselves.

And so, I feel it's my duty as a lifelong Star Wars nerd to pick up where they are yet to begin, because if this is going to work, it's going to have to be one thing.

It's going to have to be for the fans.

Well to begin with, we're going to leave the trilogy of trilogies out of this. That is, of course, The Original Trilogy, The Prequel Trilogy and the brand-spanking-new Sequel Trilogy. They've certainly got enough going on already and adding a load of directly connected spin-off movies into the mix is just going to mess with the three act structure they each have going on.

No, if we're going to be starting a brand new Cinematic Universe, we'd need something different. Even those of questionable sanity who haven't even seen Star Wars know the Skywalker story by now; that tale's already been told.

But at the same time, we certainly couldn't have anything too obscure. Even the most die hard Star Wars fans would be unlikely to shell out to go and see a movie about the economic difficulties faced by the Klegger Corp.

We'd need a compromise: someone we know in a story we don't. Something like, say...

The Origin of Han Solo

Do I have your attention?
Do I have your attention?

Everyone knows Han Solo. I mean let's face it, Boba Fett aside, he's pretty much the biggest badass in the galaxy. Before he joined the Rebellion he:

  • Got kicked out of the Imperial Navy
  • Was brought up by pirates (à la Star Lord)
  • Spent years as the most notorious smuggler in the galaxy
  • Won The Millenium Falcon off Lando Calrissian

And lest we not forget:


There's definitely enough source material from the now defunct Expanded Universe to create a Star Wars blockbuster we all crave, and that would just be the start...

Once the idea of an Expanded Universe has been implanted into our minds, Disney can start being a bit more adventurous. If they begin by playing it safe with a few well-known heroes and villains like Han and Boba Fett, they'd have a safe chance at pulling off something slightly riskier.

No, I still don't mean a political thriller about the Klegger Corp. I'm talking more like a big screen adaption of some of those underground favourites from the Expanded Universe. Things like Rogue Squadron or The Force Unleashed or pretty much anything written by Timothy Zahn. I'm talking about the things that your casual movie goer wouldn't have heard of but will still love. Remind you of anything?

MoviePilot's Best Film of 2014, I might add.
MoviePilot's Best Film of 2014, I might add.

I mean seriously, all the pieces fit together perfectly.

Disney already have a series of spin off movies in the works already, which shows they definitely want to expand the franchise. By abandoning the Expanded Universe, not only have they given themselves a lot more room for creativity, they've also been handed a goldmine of source material to lift from whenever they feel like it.

And let's be honest, all the cool kids are doing it.


But what about you? Do you think a Star Wars Cinematic Universe is just over the horizon? And more importantly, would you like to see one?


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