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E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, when unleashed in 1981, became one of the most successful science fiction films of the 1980's, next to The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. However, the 1980 military coup of the country of Turkey had kept Western (mostly American) films and television shows out of the Turkish market, especially E.T. For this reason, the growing "E.T.-Mania" spoke to Turkish filmmaker Zafer Par, and he decided to make E.T. into a more Turkish format for the audiences of his home country. The result was a film known as Badi. The poster kinda looks promising, considering the spaceships seen on it. If you take a closer look, you can literally see the Enterprise, but there is no way this film is ripping off Star Trek!

The UFO does look cool!
The UFO does look cool!

The film starred little-known Turkish actors, most of them children, such as Cengiz Sayhan and Tolga Sönmez. The plot for Badi is almost kinda similar to that of E.T., but this time the alien doesn't resemble the titular alien himself; rather, the alien in Badi resembles an ogre-like creature. I manage to see clips of this movie thanks to a Cinema Snob review of it on YouTube, as part of his "E.T. Week". The film's quality almost kinda looks like it was shot on a video tape, so it might look a bit inferior (note the quality almost is also similar to another Turkish E.T. knock-off, Homoti, but I'm going to review that in another article). I might've seen what the alien's UFO kinda looked like. I don't remember if I actually saw it, but it kinda looked cool. There are instances in Badi such as the alien shocking the boy protagonist's school teacher, thus giving him a heart attack, and the alien triggering all the rides in a carnival, giving the film more of a trippy experience.

I want you to know, dear reader, that some instances in Badi might creep some people out. For instance, the alien's voice kinda sounds froggy and disturbing, but don't worry; IT'S NOT MILEY CYRUS!!! (I'm saying that for laughs!)

Nevertheless, Badi, like many other Turkish knock-off films, is a cult classic outside of Turkey, especially amongst E.T. fans in the United States and elsewhere.


What are your thoughts on Badi?


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