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In 1983, as I had written in my last article, Badi became one of the most well-known Turkish knock-off films, taking its inspiration from the 1981 smash hit E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial. However, in 1987, popular Turkish comedian Müjdat Gezen wanted to rival on both E.T. and Badi by producing his own film, with production values similar to that of Badi. The film was known as Homoti, and I've managed to see bits of this film thanks to a Cinema Snob review of it on YouTube, as part of his "E.T. Week", but this is unfortunately the time where the video also explained a bit of a porno knock-off of E.T.!

The alien in Homoti looks a little bit grotesque, but doesn't creep me out. Homoti's voice almost sounds like that of an old bearded shaman, and he also looks like a child or dwarf in a rubber suit. He even has a really big butt, so that means he's also the Turkish KIM KARDASHIAN! *a woman screaming, followed by lightning and some ominous pipe organ music*

From what I've seen of Homoti, the plot is kinda interesting; a newspaper reporter (or Turkish Kenny Rogers, if you will) is hired by his boss to write fake UFO reportings, simply by throwing silver bowls in the sky and then taking photos of them really fast. However, Turkish Kenny Rogers then discovers a UFO that looks like some bizarre piece of playground equipment, and soon takes a photograph of it. Out of it emerges the fat-butted alien (or, if you will, Turkish Kim Kardashian), whom Kenny takes to his home. For an instance, we hear Homoti talking in his usual bearded shaman voice, and after what appears to be Kenny's mother seeing Homoti, she faints, but he eventually grew all over her after a while. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure what the main point of the movie is, but it has some special effects that look more higher-budgeted than most Turkish knock-off films; one part shows the alien trying to communicate with some Scanimate-esque graphics coming out of his head, while another sequence (especially in the opening) shows significant use of CGI! Some of the CGI sequences include what looks like a futuristic card game. That means that Homoti could be the first "Turksploitation" film to use CGI. Nevertheless, Homoti's film quality, like Badi, still looks like something shot on a video tape, but, nevertheless, like its more lower-budgeted counterpart, it is still a cult classic.


What are your thoughts on Homoti?


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