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Hello there my name is Lawrie Brewster and I'm new to Movie Pilot! I was invited to pop along and share the darkened tales of our recent Owlman videos! Filmed recently in Scotland among the crumbling ruins of St. Mary's Children's Hospital and St. Kilda's mortuary. Both buildings were functioning in the very early 20th century busily fighting deadly childhood diseases such as Polio and Scarlet Fever, which wrought so much loss and tragedy among untold countless families.

As a filmmaker (of recent feature Lord of Tears) and avid fan of the occult, of mythologies and ancient religions and of course... Horror in all it's forms I became compelled to produce a video in this unique location. Something so terrifying that it might for a fleeting second inspire in the minds of our unwary urban explorers, a belief in the existence of a deadly supernatural foe, the terrifying Owlman. I'll cover the subject of that entity in a second article, but in the meantime... let us return to the Morgue!


Imagine entering the old mortuary and discovering on the concrete floor... a shrine to summon an ancient god. On the walls are splatters of blood? How would you react? What would you do? In the prevailing silence... the only sound that follows... is that of the creeping Owlman.


In the ruined hospital we set up numerous hidden cameras in the first of our Owlman videos. There we waited over the course of two weeks for folks to explore the old buildings which form a large and eerie complex. In the main buildings we waited... and one after one they came, their lives to be forever changed with their terrifying encounter with the Owlman!

In the darkness of a creaking ruin... what would your reaction be to meeting the Owlman?


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