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Prepare yourselves, criminals. Liam Neeson is coming. More specifically, Bryan Mills, the ass-kicking protagonist of the Taken franchise with "a certain set of skills" is coming.

To promote [Taken 3](movie:678612), Fox is doing something fun and different than the usual fare. Riffing off the Taken films' tendencies to not take themselves too seriously, they've released a tongue-in-cheek clip and music video to promote the film, out in theaters on January 9th. Even the title pokes a bit of fun at Neeson's character, a nod to the fans who have pointed out that if Bryan Mills were so good at his job, he probably wouldn't keep letting his daughter get kidnapped.

Check it out:

Along with the video, Fox and LinkedIn have partnered up to do something kind of historic - Bryan Mills has been given his own LinkedIn profile, only the second fictional character to ever be allowed a profile on the professional networking site.

The other one? THIS GUY:

Santa says thumbs-up to marketing.
Santa says thumbs-up to marketing.

Obviously, Santa needed to upgrade his CRM methods in 2014, but why does the crafty Mr. Mills need a LinkedIn profile? Why, for a contest, of course. LinkedIn and Fox are launching a competition where the winner will get a personal video of Liam Neeson in character as Bryan Mills endorsing that winner's own unique and particular set of skills.

It's a fairly clever way of Fox to reach out to a demographic that might not already be on board with the Taken movies. Let's be honest, the younger audience isn't the target demographic using LinkedIn. And the audience using LinkedIn is by and large not the one planning to watch Taken 3. What better way to kill two birds with one stone than by launching a contest on a platform used by the very audience you'd love to engage? Quite smart, if you ask me.

Want to join the contest? Simply go to Bryan Mills' profile by CLICKING HERE.


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