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Fans of The Walking Dead were both shocked and startled by the last 5 minutes of Season 5 episode 8, as we lost main character Beth Greene to the universally hated character 'Officer Dawn.' This death really hit fans hard emotionally, and a petition has even been started to 'Bring Back Beth.'

Now, although the cast and crew made it quite clear that this was a very sad scene to film, there was also the odd awkward laugh as well. Check out what Norman Reedus had to say on carrying Emily Kinney (Beth) out through the hospital doors.

“You know, she’s not a heavy girl. I wouldn’t say that. But it’s this defeated posture. I couldn’t walk her out like a fireman saving a baby. It couldn’t be like that. Everything had to hang. It wasn’t the most comfortable position to carry someone. You kind of have to be sobbing and hang as you carry her. It can’t be a heroic thing, it has to be a devastating thing. I think I grabbed her boob once by accident. After like, six takes and you’re walking really slow and sobbing, I thought maybe I would drop her at least once, but I didn't.”

I bet that Emily is glad Norman didn't drop her on the concrete! The pair had a strong relationship on set, and although it took many takes, they managed to get the scene just right without getting too frustrated with each other.

Did you cry during the [The Walking Dead](series:201193) season 5 mid-finale, or did Beth's death not affect you at all? Be sure to tell me in the comments section below!


C'mon, you did cry didn't you?


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