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Its no surprise there are rumors and theories being thrown left and right for [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) ever since the film got announced. I mean you can pretty much spend a good days reading them all (maybe not a whole day but you get it) I myself am one of the people who just sometimes spends time thinking and speculating what may come next for our Avengers in this upcoming sequel. The speculation grows even more now with some toys that have been released that may be showing specific movie scenes that could indicate where the film is headed. I know these are just toys and may mean nothing as some movie toys have certain things that don't even show up in the final film. I decided to give my own theory on each image though so lets get this show started!

This is the first image i wanted to give my input on which basically has our Avengers infiltrating Hydra's Fortress alongside Quicksilver or is he against them? The big note on this is we can see Baron Von Strucker holding the Chitauri Sceptre as Captain charges towards him. This leads me to believe he is still in control of Quicksilver at this point since it wields the mind stone. This scene i'm guessing will be one of the first acts of the film and where we reunite with our heroes and possibly the new faces Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

The next Lego set apparently is the Hulkbuster rescue mission in which we see the Hulkbuster, Scarlet Witch, Ultron, and The Hulk. The question in this picture is who is on who's side here? Is the Hulk, Scarlet Witch or Hulkbuster under Ultrons mind control? I'm going with Ultron in fact having mind control over Scarlet Witch and she has mind control over the Hulk so its up to Tony to save his Science Bro. I am holding on strong to this theory though i could be wrong as its pretty hard to tell but somebody is definitely under mind control.

The last set and my favorite by far probably the one i will be purchasing from all the sets is the Avengers tower set which is pretty familiar to our trailer. In this set we see Iron Man, Thor, Ultron, Ultron minions, and last but not least the Chitauri scepter. The set is more than likely after The Avengers infiltrate the Hydra fortress and come back with the scepter to celebrate. I believe they will have had help from Ultron for that mission and could explain why he is all beat up in the trailer. Infuriated by simply being a pawn for the Avengers Ultron decides to take the scepter and use its power to take over once and for all. I think he will be venturing back to find [Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109) after witnessing their power. He of course will want to have them by his side until he can become stronger. These are all the images i believe might play a huge role in the movie but we will have to wait and see as the days are ticking and were closer to premiere time.

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