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We’ve seen that Elsa has been hard and been selfish throughout the season but today we saw a glimpse of her soft side. She still is venturing to become famous and succeed in her dreams. We do see that she succeeds as at the end of the episode we see her on a life magazine. But this makes us question what happens to the Freak Show when she does leave.

Does Desiree take care of the freaks from Stanley? This raises a lot more questions, especially since we see that our Jimmy has lost his lobster hands. This has taken a toll on Esmeralda as she just drops after witnessing his hands in the museum.

Desiree is also informed by Esmeralda about the reason why so many of them are dying so quickly. She also warns Desiree the dangers of Stanley. This is going to change and things might get crazy as war starts to stop Stanley. Stanley has a lot of power at the moment and will take a lot to stop him.

Now let’s get back to our Elsa Mars. We have seen her as being strong and in control. Almost at times harsh to get what she wanted. Let’s take a look at her track record. She sends the twins away as they are a threat to her being the star of America Horror Story. She almost kills Paul during the wheel of knife throwing death. She does kill Ethel to stop Ethel from ruining her chances as well. So, in overall Elsa doesn’t have a clean record and is one of the bad guys.

But tonight we see that she truly does care about her Freak Show and how much it means to her. If she could have it her way, she’d keep the twins under her protection and wouldn’t have to harm or kill anyone. Meaning our Ethel, basically a sister to Elsa, would still be alive and our Jimmy wouldn’t be in jail. Right now we are going through a domino effect of events that were caused by numerous decisions.

This episode is one of my favorites all season because it really tugged at my emotions. It showed that Elsa has more than greed in her heart. This episode was a flashback of how she found Pepper and started the Freak Show. It showed how she became a mother to all of her monsters.

At the end, we see how much of an effect she had when we went into current time and see the overlapping of seasons. It goes back to Asylum, the connection of Pepper. Pepper is cleaning the library and sees a life magazine where Elsa is on the cover. Pepper puts her hand to remember that Elsa is thinking of her and loves her so dearly. This shows how much of an effect Elsa had on Pepper and that it was true love that they shared.

It's amazing how some people are able to break out of their shells of greed or strength, and have a soft shell inside. Elsa got exposed tonight and it allowed fans to connect. This is going to be crucial in the next few episodes to see if she tries all she can to make sure the freaks are safe or she can selfishly leave them without any sort of protection.

There are a few predictions we can pull from tonights episode and what our future holds. We know the story of Pepper and that is now complete but we worry about the relationships and conclusions are beloved characters will come to. This episode raised more questions than answers and we are left with two more episodes of the season, which air in 2015.

Hopefully our [American Horror Story](series:206668) questions will be answered! Comment below your questions.


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