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While Sony may have backed down on releasing The Interview, President Obama will be glad to hear that those behind webseries Hillbilly Horror Show aren't reversing on their decision to feature Kim Jong Un on upcoming episodes.

On the comedy series, 'Kim Jong Un' finds himself living with the hillbillies in a “Cultural Exchange Program” and Cephus (Bo Keister) will be living in North Korea. After living three months with the hillbilly clan in their trailer, he sports a wicked mullet, acquires a taste for Squirrel and tater-tot sandwiches and sends word for a law in North Korea where all makes over the age of 12 must sport the “Pyongyang Mane”.

Kim Jong Un is aware that he is featuring on the show, because the producers made sure to send him this lovely portrait - showing him how he appears on the show. He obviously liked the mullet?

A hit web series that’s popularity led to a series of DVD releases (Vol 1 hits shelves October 21), Hillbilly Horror Show is a one-hour anthology of short horror films created by up-and-coming filmmakers and hosted by our favorite, fun loving and beer-guzzling hillbillies, Bo, Cephus and their “”Smo-Kin”” cousin Lulu.

Created by award winning writer and producer Blu de Golyer (“House Of Good And Evil”) and veteran actor and producer Bo Keister (“Remember The Titans”). The team selects and curates some of the scariest, most entertaining horror shorts found on this here planet.


Should Hillbilly Horror Show keep featuring Kin Jong Un?


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