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Ever wanted to live like nobility? Ever wanted to stroll on the green fields of a grandiose estate? Ever wished to live in a gorgeous centuries old estate house? Well your chance has finally come! The Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, the noble owners of Highclere Castle, have announced that the London Lodges, two lovely guesthouses located on the estate, will be open for visitors starting this upcoming Valentine's Day.

Interestingly enough, Highclere Castle's rocky past mirrors many of the problems the Downton estate faces in Julian Fellowes' successful ITV series Downton Abbey. The Earl and Countess made it clear that "bringing back to life an old, sad building and again giving it purpose" was not an easy job. Prior to the shows mass popularity, nearly 3 billion American dollars were needed to repair the rotting castle's damaged rooms and crumbling structure. Thankfully, the numerous visitors from around the globe have allowed the Earl and Countess to restore the historic castle and estate to its former glory much earlier than expected.

For more background on the historic Highclere Castle, check out the video below!

Anywho, let's get back to talking about the London Lodges! The Lodges, which feature comfortable modern accommodations encased within beautiful 19th century architecture, allow you to experience the life of a true aristocrat. However, this experience does come with a heavy price tag. The current nightly rates start off at a whopping $550! Nevertheless, the comfy guesthouses might be worth the splurge if you are vacationing in the British Isles in celebration of a special event, honeymoon, or anniversary.

Although the castle itself is not open to the general public, feel free to frolic about the grounds at your leisure (make sure to read that in a British accent haha)!

Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, let's take a look at the aristocratic fairytale you would experience if you were to spend the night at Downton Abbey...


Would you pay to spend the night as a noble?



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