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It's a shame and a downright strange sign of the times that we came close to never seeing James Franco in The Interview, I guess some tyrannical leaders of poorly mistreated countries just can't take a joke. Apologies to Moviepilot if the site gets hacked for that last statement, but hey I like to live dangerously. Anyway, on to the future and in the case of Franco, it lies in the rather intense and interesting looking drama True Story which also stars Jonah Hill, and has released a brand new trailer online.

The Plot

Based on a - would you believe it? - true story, the Rupert Goold-directed film follows a New York Times journalist, who was let go by the paper in 2002 after his bosses accused him of fudging details in an investigative report. Out on his own and without any possible employment, Finkel gets lucky after the story of a lifetime appears out of nowhere and has his name all over it.

Following a call from the FBI, Finkel is introduced to Christian Longo (Frano) a man who is suspected of murdering his entire family. The story is already one worth telling but the real hook is that Longo used Finkel's name when he was arrested and requested that he speak only to him to shed light on this horrific incident.

The film was penned by Dave Kajganich, who adapted Finkel's own memoirs for the story. It also stars Felicity Jones as Finkel's girlfriend, who seems to get entangled in this odd tale as well. Adding support are stars Ethan Suplee, Gretchen Mol and Robert John Burke.

The trailer suggests both casual clowns are playing it straight once again which can only mean results from the Oscar-nominated actors. Here's hoping True Story is one worth telling when it arrives at Sundance next month.


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