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Spoiler Alert.


Has Marvel already teased Wolverine?

Spoiler Alert (Kind of you all should have seen The Avengers by now)

So you have been warned.

Still here?


Has the Marvel Cinematic Universe already teased Wolverine with Nick Fury's look?

That means in every appearance of Samuel L Jackson, from Iron Man to The Avengers to Captain America and everything in between Marvel have made known the existence of Wolverine in their Cinematic Universe.

Did you just get a chill down your spine cause I did and nobody has noticed this for 6 years now.

If you look closely under Nick Fury's eye patch you may notice the 3 parallel scars underneath that in my opinion resemble Wolverine's claws leading me to believe it is a nod to the anti-hero who's copyright is still owned by the Fox company.

Is this Marvel Studio's only way to give a nod to the legend?

What do you think?


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