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While I loved the Amazing Spider-Man films, I do admit that Marvel could do so much with my favorite character from that universe. Well, it seems that after many years of refusing to give Spidey back, Sony finally has settled on a deal with Marvel Studios.

According to leaked documents from the infamous "Sony Hacks" the deal is shown as:

(Paraphrasing here)

If Spider-Man appears in Captain America: Civil War, Sony will produce 25% of that film. This also means that Marvel will produce 25% of the next solo Spider-Man, which is said to be released in July of 2017. This deal will also allow Sony to use only two of Marvel's roster in their films and continue the plot from Civil War to make the universe connect well. It appears that Spidey will join the rest of our beloved pals in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 in 2018, then another solo Spidey film in 2019.

Sony will still have some creative control over certain aspects, such as the suit, the actor (who must have at least a three movie deal), other castings, and the script (Only with parts involving Spidey). Avi Arad, Kevin Feige, and Matt Tolmach are said to produce anything involving Spidey and Drew Goddard has been chosen to be a possible director for the first solo film.

If any Marvel film that involves Spidey is some way misses their release date, Sony will have to pay $100,000,000 and the deal will be kaput. Sony now has three years and nine moths to begin pre-production on Civil War or the FULL rights go back to Marvel.

This deal was then APPARENTLY released at a press event from both studios.

Another reboot? And who will play our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man this time?

My thoughts? This has potential to be extremely good...or incredibly bad. Don't get me wrong, I have faith in Feige and Goddard...Arad on the other hand has proved to be sort of a fruitcake when it comes to making Spidey films. I do love the idea of finally bringing Spidey into the Avengers. I have been waiting forever to see that, just give me Wolverine as an Avenger and you got my money. One of my concerns is that this will be the SECOND reboot of Spidey in less than ten years. Okay I'm always cool with reboots but...come on.

Which actor will they choose? Well, if he wasn't already playing Quicksilver, I would have said Aaron Taylor Johnson. Right now, I'd actually say Anton Yelchin or Josh Hutcherson. Usually I prefer High-School aged Peter, but I guess seeing a college-aged one would be a decent change.

This IS just a rumor but I find it to be a believable rumor.

What are your thoughts about this whole new deal between Marvel and Sony? Love or hate, tell me in the comments below!

UPDATE: I apologize if I confused readers. I had no intention in saying that this is a done deal and it's confirmed. This is just a rumor that came out of the Sony hacks but I think it is a very believable rumor. Again, apologies for the confusion.



How happy would you be if Spidey joined in Civil War?


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