ByJovana Vasiljevic, writer at

As we all know Ian Somerhalder has been acting for Vampire Diaries and other series and movies. Watching Vampire Diaries he makes you love him and he loves all of as because actors aren't persons who play with their fans' emotions, on the contrary they make you fell something you didn't before- they make you trust them that they are going to do everything to make you happy watching them. Ian Somerhalder opened alot of our. Alot of us are in love with him too. But the question is: Is he ever going to love us as much as we love him? -No he's not. But he loves us as friend who support him. Yes he's an actor and everyone wants to look at his perfect ocean eyes in real. Knowing that can't all of us do that, we shouldn't hate him, we should continue watching his fantastic performance.


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