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YES! YES! YES! The time is finally here! And, I know ALL of you out there are sitting there pondering over the big 'WILL THIS FINALLY HAPPEN?!' in your child-like little brains. Because I know I am!

Since, the very beginning with Marvel's Phase 1 project 'Iron Man' in 2008, the internet was abuzz over all the possible story lines that the MCU could venture in. Many of you argued over who owned what character, who could do what with those characters, and most importantly, would those characters ever get to cross one another as they do in comics. Of course, that's all we did was argue like a bunch of dissatisfied children who didn't get their fair share of the candy bag because many were certain, while other speculated, that several Marvel characters would never get the chance in any lifetime (our lifetime) to see their greatness sharing the big screen with their respective team mates. Seven solid years later and now we're entering the final stages of Phase 2 and heading off into Phase 3 with a superb line-up of what Marvel has in store for us. And, with such news being delivered to us we now know for certain that one of Marvel comics greatest stories is going to unfold right before our very eyes... [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409)!

i don't know about you guys and gals, but Civil War is my 2nd favorite story line right behind Secret Wars. I mean, what more could we ask for? Well, again treating us like little children I know we could sit here and ask for a whole LOT more :) Ok, I'm moving off topic here.

Getting back to the subject at hand. Civil War!

You all know what this means. For those of you who don't about Civil War I won't spoil it for you. But, to sum it up everyone is fighting each other and are at odds with one another, good v good v bad v anyone who disagrees with the other because some find it justified to register their identities and powers, while others do not. Yes, it is a pretty crazy, twisted, heartfelt and powerful story.

In the midst of all of this chaos one of Marvel's greatest superheroes is forced to make a decision in choosing a side... Spider-Man!

Why is this guy so dang important to the MCU and this story? That's simple. Since being introduced Spider-Man has done everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, in his power to become the greatest superhero his city has ever seen. He fights for truth, justice, and the American dream. All while throwing in his delightful humorous puns to keep the day a bit fun. He's also managed to keep his identity a secret for many decades for the safety of those he loves and holds dear to his heart. Spidey literally does not have a bad bone in his body. He always tries his best to make the right decision. With that being said, these qualities, amongst many others, are what makes Spider-Man so integral to Marvel's plans for Civil War. Spidey is torn between both sides. What happens? Read the comics because I'm not getting into that. This article is for a different topic. WILL Spider-Man join the MCU in it's greatest superhero story every? Will Sony budge on sharing their ownership rights of the Wall-Crawler with Marvel?

Will our beloved Arachnid finally come home to where he truly belongs? Where he will get the RIGHT treatment?

With so many posts, speculations, rants, suggestions, fan petitions for this and that and what we want and don't want, I have basically sat here and watched everything unfold (much like U'atu watching events unfold from afar), and have been going off of my own hunches to keep me ahead and ready for the next bit of gushy Marvel news. Now, with this news not ready to come clean until February, just after Marvel and Sony meet to strike a deal, my gut strongly tells me that Spider-Man WILL join the cast of the MCU and play his role in the up-and-coming Captain America: Civil War.

This is the site that states what is going down and when it will happen between Marvel and Sony.

Keep in mind, I am not basing my feeling off of just one article from one site that claims someone 'hacked' this news. I am looking at the whole picture, the whole story that involves all of Marvel's characters as a unit to be able to deliver a solid and well-rounded story that will make sense on the big screen. With the start of 'Iron Man' to the last released '[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073)' to the television series of 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.', everything has literally fallen into place and has made sense. I mean, how much more common sense do you need than to know for certain that Dr. Strange is coming to the big screen when his name gets dropped during an interrogation? How much more proof do you need when the Infinity Gauntlet's glove is seen for but a split second in 'Thor' and then Thanos pops up at the end of 'Avengers' to know that they're headed towards the 'Infinity Gauntlet' story line? Gee, the Infinity Gauntlet. Hmm, I wonder what characters are involved in that one? Um, hmm, let me think about that one for a second. Oh yea, EVERYONE IS INVOLVED!!! LOL Sorry, I know they're are legal disputes between properties and all that corporate stuff, but personally, those studios and companies, if they know ANYTHING about business, they would know that sharing their characters with Marvel would be good for business! :) Am I right? Yes, I am right. I know I'm right.

Marvel has already exceeded the billion dollar mark. Pfft, forget about that Marvel has gone even beyond that and has already made over $6 BILLION dollars from all of their films, thus far. With this kind of success Sony would clearly be 'out-of-their-dammmmmmmm-minds' to NOT take advantage of this type of success.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Exactly! :)

Personally, and I need no confirmation from anyone, because like I told you before I have a feeling about these things; but, personally, I know Spider-Man will be joining the rest of the MCU and finally getting the justice he deserves. But, an article would not be an article if there was nothing to argue about, right?


I already know that he is going to join. From the reports floating all over the web, all the speculation about Marvel's and Sony's plans for future Spider-Man installments, what do you think is going to happen? Do you feel confident...


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