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All of us by now have seen the upcoming slate of DC movies to rival Marvel's own MCU. Now although the list is extensive and very impressive with the likes of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) (the first live-action appearance of them together) and Wonder Woman (the first female led superhero film) but it seemed a little too......obvious. The films aren't very imaginative they've gone for their most recognisable heroes with the basic format, possibly barring Suicide Squad, which although fans do want to see the and should bring in the money, DC is missing out on a chance to make films on more obscure characters which have just as much promise and material to base films around. Here are a few which currently aren't in development (but really should be):

The Question


Now whether they went for the pre- or new 52 Question it would still make for an epic mystery thriller. In Pre-52 Vic Savage is a television journalist, investigating crimes by legal means as he is a good citizen after-all. However, after dark he dons his faceless mask to become the Question and vigilante who is a great detective (recognised by Batman himself). Now a movie with this Question would make for an superb crime drama, you've taken away all the showiness of Batman but left in the gritty comic book eccentric crime scene DC is famous for. It could still include these major crime lords. A horrible crime. And this strong anti-hero of a protagonist. It'd be awesome, it needs a film.

If they go for the New-52 Question it'll be reasonably similar but with less journalism/Vic Sage and more magic, mystery and self-discovery.

Adam Strange


A hero of two worlds. Adam Strange was a human archaeologist who on a dig got transported to the alien planet of Rann. He fell in love with the daughter of the king and got given a pack and ray gun. Adam is the champion of both Rann and Earth. This movie would make a great action space thriller. Imagine John Carter know... good. Make it [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073)/Star Wars/Die Hard like really awesome action on an alien planet with a sole human warrior defending the good. It would be a fresh addition to the franchise but he thing is I wouldn't want DC to modernise him, his classic costume would give him a real Buck Rogers feel which would be awesome. DC really needs and outlandish movie like this.

Jonah Hex

I know. I know. He had a film a few years back with some big names but it was awful so I try not to acknowledge its existence. Now Jonah is a really interesting character that belongs to DC. He was the legendary bounty hunter on the American western frontier he held a reputation as the deadliest man alive. Now how cool would it be t have a traditional western with gun-slinging violence, dusty towns, a classic Clint Eastwood-esque spaghetti western which is still set in the same universe as the Batman. I need this. Gimme.

Star Man

There's a Starrrrrmannnnn waiting in the sky......
There's a Starrrrrmannnnn waiting in the sky......

I was thinking the Jack Knight Starman instead of the others. Although primarily I want this because I think Starman's a great character and deserves the film treatment but if DC did this it would be an ideal way to link the universe to the past. Let me explain for those who do not know Starman. Ted Knight was a member of the Justice Society of America (the predecessor of the Justice League) who retired and pasted the mantle down to his eldest son David Knight who held it till he died at which point Jack reluctantly accepted the role. Jack spent his early life admiring his father with pictures and articles all about his dad's adventures but he grew up and started to find his father silly and embarrassing. When his father left the role he was more than happy to let his brother take up the role but when David was murdered he felt, in honour of his brother, to adopt the role and protect the city even if it was in his own toned down way. Now this movie wouldn't be primarily superhero based moreover a character driven films about guilt, regret, responsibility, respect and honour.

Animal Man


This is a DC hero that doesn't get as much attention as he deserves, mainly because his powers sound silly (but are actually really awesome) in the same way as [Aquaman](movie:264237) was before the New 52. The film should be very much a superhero origin but more grounded. This wouldn't be anything new or amazing like the others on this list but I believe he just deserves more attention which would provide a fresh superhero instead of the repeated cycle.


Who Do You Think Deserves To Get The Film Treatment?


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