ByJohn L. McGary, writer at

The Amazing Spiderman, Invasion of New York.

Scene opens; Fade in a typical NY high school, a bell rings and a few moments later kids pour out to include Peter Parker. Just as Pete runs down off of the steps everybody around him is stoping and pointing at the sky. Pete looks up to see the sky open up and a very angry invasion fleet pouring in towards midtown.

Filmed 24 style from the time the invasion starts until Stark flies into abyss uncompressed time 2 hrs ish'. The story revolves around our hero protecting his classmates incognito at first as he is out of costume (maybe even discovered by a classmate) and then in full regalia. Easter eggs hidden in the plot would be guest appearances by the fantastic four and of course Stan Lee. Some of xfs would include reverse angle scenes from the Avengers.

As this would be a young Pete again, casting would allow for yet another new face for Spidy. No explanation would be given for his powers, (yah we get it, its Spidy) but instead would focus on the battle with the comparatively small contingent of alien baddies filmed in real time.

Hollywood if your listening, there would be some major Ka'-ching' for a movie like this so do us a favor and listen to the fans for once.


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