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Is it ever too late to become a better person? Thrilling Scandinavian crime drama AMBER is now available to purchase via VHX and IndieReign.

This independent production is the debut feature for independent writer/ director/ producer Johan Bergqvist.

AMBER is the tale of an unscrupulous drug dealer without a conscience; a drifter meandering through the Swedish countryside. When he is cornered by police and forced to flee, he comes across a baby and decides it is the perfect cover to escape.

He will soon realise that a baby is harder to take care of than he thought...especially when you are on the run. The time he spends taking care of her teaches him for the first time what it means to be responsible for another human being.

In the end, he must choose whether to go back to his old life...or live up to the responsibility he has learned whatever the cost may be.

Want to see this fantastic indie thriller? You can purchase it via VHX or IndieReign.


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