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The same decaying organic matter as everything else
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As the second half of season 5 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) approaches, we are left with many questions. Where does the group go from here? How do they cope with the loss of Beth? Do they make it to Washington D.C.? Who is Rick going to kill next with that red handled machete?

The real question we should be asking ourselves is about Rick's mental state and what that means to the group going forward. This is Bad Ass Rick. We all love this Rick. But, just how Bad Ass can Rick become? Will it put the group of survivors in even more danger at a time when there really is no hope? The rest of Rick's group will learn about Eugene's lie. The church is left in ruins and there is nowhere safe to go. The remaining episodes should be darker than anything we've seen before in this show. It will portray that humanity may be lost. This is why Rick will be the perfect antagonist to the group, much like Shane was in the majority of season 2.

Here are the reasons why:

1. "No going back."

With Negan on the horizon, probably sooner rather than later, are we really going to see yet another group or a crazed individual that causes contention to the group? Likely, but with having already gone through The Governor, Joe's Claimers, the Termites and whatever the hell those people at Grady Memorial were during in the last 16 episodes between the end of season 4 and the beginning of season 5, we need something more. Something that really represents, "No going back." Something that leaves a bad taste in our mouth more than Bob's tainted leg. Rick can only be the real person to portray this side of a world gone to shit. Many fans have speculated what direction the show may have gone if Shane had managed to kill Rick. These last episodes may come close to answering this.

2. Foreshadowing.

Since the very first episode of this season, it seemed to be leading to something bigger. The mysterious group that came into Terminus, raped and killed their way to turning good intentioned people into human flesh eaters. Hopefully, that sadistic group will come into play at some point in the last half of this season or next, otherwise, what's the point of introducing them? The after credits' inclusion of Morgan foreshadows that he will meet up with Rick's group and have some contributing factor to the story. Even the imagery of the Terminus' Memorial room may hold some clues as to where our group ends up:

Could this be how Rick leads his group from here on out? He's shown that he will do anything to protect his people and especially Carl. Much like he was at the prison in season 3, he's become even more brutal and less trusting. After all, having another group of survivors try to eat you does something to your psyche. Rick's gone from an unarmed farmer to ripping out throats with his teeth and running down handcuffed trade bait with police cruisers. What Rick has in common with Shane, The Governor and the good folks at Terminus is that they were all protecting what they felt was theirs, even at the expense of hurting innocent others. Rick is heading down this path extremely quickly. Could this lead to the group turning on Rick at some point? Or worse, Rick turning on them?

3. Rick's done it their way with failing results.

When escaping Terminus, Rick wanted to go back and kill every last Termite , telling his group, "They don't get to live." The group had other plans and just wanted to get as far away as they could. This concluded with the remaining Termites turning Hunters and eating Bob before their ultimate gruesome demise. If they just had done what Rick asked, it could have turned out differently. Rick also wanted to keep the upper hand with rescuing Beth from the Grady Memorial pussy-cops. This may have ended in guns blazing, but Rick confidently knew that his plan "will" work and that Tyreese's plan "might" work. Well, it didn't work and Beth ended up getting a cranial implant from Dawn's gun.

Rick's done taking requests, and this will cause much friction within the group that's already reeling with the mullet's lies, Bob and Beth's death, and a morally confused preacher tag-along. Daryl's more broken now than ever. Maggie could be suicidal having now lost all of her family. Glenn will be unable to console his wife and this will shatter his confidence. Michonne, not wanting to be the sword wielding modern-day Samuri she is, but fate proving otherwise. Tyreese, is sadly becoming the new Dale as he is championing the voice of pacificity. Carol is still traumatized from having to de-flower Lizzie. Abraham is a man without a mission. As for Carl, well, Carl is just being Carl. It's going to be Civil War within the group having Rick being the one to make the hard choices and ultimately the rest of the group will resent him for it.

4. Morgan.

Yes Morgan. Morgan has always been there for Rick when he's needed him the most. Coming out of his coma into this new world, he needed Morgan to show him the way to take down walkers and give hope to find his family. When Rick was busy 'doin' stuff and seeing thangs' after losing Lori, Morgan helped Rick come back from succumbing to his delusions. Despite the horrible things that Rick may do, either to his own group or others, Morgan will somehow become Rick's redemption through his loss of humanity in the back 8 episodes.


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