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I love Spider-Man. He is my second favourite Marvel character behind Deadpool. I feel he has the best rogues gallery in Marvel and the most interesting personality. These are probably the same reasons why Sony wants to keep him (other than all the money). While everyone else on the internet is waiting on the edge of their seats for the announcement that Sony is coming "home", I look forward to Spidey staying at his real "home" at Marvel and here's why.

The Universe

The recent 'Amazing Spider-Man' franchise has only 2 movies so far, but those 2 movies open up to a wider universe that includes the Sinister Six and Venom. Their universe was also able to recreate the iconic moment where Gwen Stacey dies (something that would have never happened at Marvel). Sony already has a universe that will be expanded in Sinister Six. Would you rather see more of Spidey's villains or see him be part of someone else's universe used as a background character to the main superheroes? I'm not saying Spidey would only play a small part in Marvel, but he may be underused compared to the likes of Iron Man and Captain America.

Andrew Garfield

This may be the only part of the article where people agree with me. Everyone (well most people) love Garfield as Spider-Man with good reason. He is a fan of the character, so he knows how the character should be portrayed and that is obvious in his performance. When he puts on that suit, you don't see Garfield, you see Spider-Man. If Marvel gets the rights, Garfield would be recast and we would never get to witness the perfect Spidey swing around New York on the big screen again.

Another Reboot?

When the Spider-Man character was rebooted in 2012, everyone went crazy. They felt it was too soon to reboot a character only five years since his last outing. If Marvel get the rights, the character would be rebooted only THREE years after his latest movie. The thing that intrigues me is no one is really bothered by this. I don't really understand why so if you do know please tell me in the comments.

Marvel Theme

What I mean by 'Marvel Theme' is the childish tone and boring villains that Marvel is known for. Although Spidey can be called a childish character, I like the darker tone of the Sony franchise. It developed Peter's character in a way that wasn't shown predominately in the original franchise and probably won't be in the Marvel reboot.

Then there's the villains. As I stated earlier, Spider-Man has the best Marvel rogues gallery and if Marvel's history is any indication, they manage to turn interesting villains into one-dimensional bad guys on a rampage. Spidey's villains don't deserve that sort of treatment.

Planned Movies

Sony announced that they will make 2 other movies that are not part of the Amazing Spider-Man main franchise. These are Sinister Six and Venom: Carnage. These movies sound awesome to me. Sinister Six would be an all villain movie which beat DC in terms of announcing their villain movie first. This movie could prove to Marvel that they can do villains properly.

The Venom: Carnage movie just makes me as excited as a 12 year old girl meeting One Direction. When Sony announced a Venom movie, I got excited, then they put Carnage as the villain and my excitement just grew. Sadly, if Marvel attains all the rights, these movies have less of a chance of happening.


I really hope people Sony keep the rights to the web-slinger even if I may be the only one. I love what Sony has been doing and I don't think it would be fair to the character to be rebooted once again. There is a compromise though. If Spidey was allowed to be in the Avengers movies, but still build their universe over at Sony, I wouldn't be mad. What do you guys think? Do you want him to stay or go back to Marvel? Tell me in the comments


Where do you think Spidey belongs?


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