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We all know that this is the beginning of Korra's journey, but what Korra said at the end of Book Two: Spirits rings true: "Its Over".

The Avatar World has been through many changes. One of the biggest ones is that there is a new spirit portal in Republic City! I understand that Republic City is the center of peace and balance in the world, but know its just serves as a huge reminder that if someone's personal gain goes too far, destruction happens. It seems like President Raiko decides in favor of expanding Republic City instead of rebuilding the downtown area.

Republic City Before
Republic City Before
The Destroyed Republic City
The Destroyed Republic City

The Legend of Korra has taken a huge journey over 3 years. I'm not talking about the characters in the show itself, the issues it faced. From not being promoted enough, budget cuts, and being abruptly pulled off Nickelodeon. But there is something else that upsets me to no end. As a follower of the Avatar Franchise, the number of fans that follow the show has grown in size. But right after the last two episodes of The Legend of Korra, the number of followers of the show has significantly dropped. Whats the reason? The Shippers. Now I am not saying there was anything truly wrong with the ending of Korra. We all have our own interpretation of the ending. I believe that the message was that friendships mean so much more than love in the end. Korra and Asami, I believe, have a sisterly bond. But if you seriously watched the show for 3 years just to she who gets shipped in the end, and not for the true purpose which was Korra restoring balance to the world and facing tough battles, then you truly are not a fan of the show, rather you a fan of what you want to happen between two characters. The show is so much more than that.

Us as fans have to keep the avatar universe alive. We all know that Nickelodeon is not. So if we keep losing fans because of shipping, then that's not keeping the show alive.

The Legend of Korra will stand the face of time. The core fans of the show will make sure of that. And as Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko are moving on to other projects, which I really can't wait for, they have created one of the best well written and well paced animated show of all time. There will be a new trilogy of Avatar: The Last Airbender comics in 2015. And I am sure, The Legend of Korra will be getting her fair share of comics as well as video games and other merchandise.

How long will we have to wait for another avatar series? Well only the creators can answer that, which they have. There will not be a new avatar for quite awhile. Or maybe if Viacom (the owner of the whole franchise) requests a new series.

Team Avatar (Old and New) will live on in our hearts. Their dedication and courage for making the Avatar World a better place equates them to almost having the power of the avatar. And as we continue to look foward to new adventures for ATLA and TLOK, let us keep the franchise up and running, and please stop with the shipping wars guys lol. I don't think Korra needs a war between her own fans. I know I am sticking with the fans. So I hope you will too.


Will you be sticking with the Avatar Franchise?

Did you know that Michael & Bryan do not own anything pertaining to the franchise?


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