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Everyone knows about the controversy surrounding Seth Rogen's new film The Interview. In fact, it's one of the biggest stories of the year. How exactly the Sony Hack is tied in with The Interview, and who exactly is behind it is still not clear. What is certain is that it has became a huge mess.

Now bloggers and forum users (like this user on reddit) have pinpointed this whole situation as a publicity stunt. Mainly due to the lack of evidence against any party, and the confusing nature of the ordeal itself.

It's not surprising accusations like this would emerge, conspiracy theories run amok on the internet. But that being said, it isn't completely unfounded, considering how much money the film would make if released now. It would certainly be quite a bit more than the film would have made originally. And, despite canceling the film, Sony is still advertising the movie with it's Christmas release date, even posting new videos to it's Youtube Channel. You can read more about that here.

Could it really have been faked?

With that being said, the likelihood of it being faked seems pretty slim, unless things just got way out of hand. The issue has now become quite serious and even the President has addressed it, as well as many top news outlets. It also seems unlikely because much of the info leaked during the Sony Hack was of a delicate enough nature that surely Sony wouldn't want it revealed, not to mention that it showed the company in a rather bad light. North Korea has threatened action if this movie is released and even made a formal complaint to the U.N. when the film was announced. They deny involvement in the hack, but top news outlets have reported a link, so who really knows.

Who is really behind the hack?

It's things like what we see here, in this leaked footage from the film, that has North Korea, where their leader is very beloved, so angry. But that alone is not proof they are behind the hack.

It does seem like North Korea would have admitted to the hack if involved to prove their abilities. When the hack first happened, most of the information leaked didn't seem like the type North Korea would be interested in, pointing to some independent hacker group. An inside job is possible, but it is highly unlikely that it was at the order of Sony execs.

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Who do you think is behind the Sony Hack?


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