ByKendra Hale, writer at

In today's comics market things are changing at such a fast pace it is almost too fast to keep up with most times. You have your major branches of course but I want to take a side track down into the indie comics road for a moment.

So many have come out over the ages and some have picked up and expanded the genre of comics, picking up their own fanbase and their own cult following. While others have fallen down either preproduction or after the first or soon after the first printing.

One has to wonder what causes this to happen with all the kickstarters, fundme's, and other way for fans to now reach out and help with the creation process in ways that even 5 years ago were not available. What is it that still causes so many of these comics to not only take off but for some to stay in that special circle of limbo that some artists refer to as production hell?

Over the years I have watched many of the comics hit the market and some have blasted off the stands, the first that comes to mind would be the Zenescope storylines. Started with one and has expanded into a whole universe of amazing stories and creations. What caused that to work so well over other titles that hit the market that year? Was it story? Was it the art team?

Now Comics have started hitting not only the theaters but also the syndicated networks as well, most doing quite well based on ratings. But my biggest question is this. What do you think makes these and so many others stand out? And following that line of thought what ones are you itching to see make a comeback? What ones can stay in the dustbin?


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