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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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Now Pitch Perfect is getting a sequel set to be released next year, are you excited? Me too! With some new addition to the team the Bellas are most certainly going to rock it but lets take a look at the songs that has to be in Pitch Perfect 2!

1.Kanye West Stronger

It would be the best if it had Kanye West's Stronger for the Pitch Perfect 2 movie The Treblemakers would rock if they used this song for the Riff Off or Regionals Day,the ICCA.

2.Aloe Blacc The Man

Aloe Blacc would be proud if they use this song for the sequel The Barden Bellas could use this song to beat The Treblemakers,The Footnotes(In case they return),The High Notes and the rest of the aca-team on campus.

3.MKTO Classic

This song is one the best it has the best beats the best rhythm now add some vocals and some beatboxing and you get one complete awesome song.

4.Bruno Mars Grenade

We've seen them do Just The Way You Are but not yet Grenade I say they do Grenade I mean sure it needs a little bit of shouting but that's no problem for

Rebel Wilson's FAT AMY! She can shout she can sing and she is one of the funniest characters in Pitch Perfect.

But one more question will The Bellas be as great as this group


Will They be as great as Delilah?

5.Meghan Trainor All About That Bass

If Meghan Trainor can do it then the Barden Bellas can do it as well with their newest additions to the team they'd be unstoppable.

6.5 SOS She Looks So Perfect

Seeing The Treblemakers performing this song will be the best it would pay to see them perform this song in the movie. Don't you think?

7.Robin Thicke ft T.I and Pharrell Blurred Lines

This song would be perfect to use for the Riff Off The Treblemakers would totally rock if this song was added to the list.

8.Jessie J,Ariana Grande,Nicki Minaj Bang Bang

And by Jessie J,Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj I mean Anna Kendrick,Alexis Knapp and Kelley Jakle Bang Bang lets vote for this song it's just great.

9.David Guetta ft Sia Titanium

We've only heard it on the headphones that Beca used in Pitch Perfect we never saw them perform it, do you think they're going to perform it in the sequel?

10.Maroon 5 Animals

Even if we don't see the Bellas or Trebles perform lets just hope some other group will perform it.

11.Pitbull ft Marc Anthony Rain Over Me

I would steal my parents money just to go see the movie with this song it's Pitbull and Marc Anthony who hates them instead of haters.

12.Macklemore White Walls

With Skylar Astin's rapping plus the beat we get a complete awesome accapella cover.

13.Jason Derulo Whatcha Say

Jason Derulo is one of my favorite singers and it would be great if one of his song made it in the PP sequel.

14.Kelly Clarkson Stronger

First Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson for the audition song but for the sequel lets see them perform.

15.Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora Black Widow

Black Widow is one of the best hit songs ever so come on it should be shown performed on the big screen.

16.Ariana Grande Problem

Finally we've reached the end of our list with Ariana Grande's Problem Ariana Grande is the best and if the Bellas or Trebles was to perform this song I'd say it would be awesome.


Which song do you want to see performed in Pitch Perfect 2?


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