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What would you do to save the life of your child?

Gritty crime thriller REBEL CITY is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. This sprawling throwback to 70's neo-noir is an exciting production from Buffalo Rhode films and is written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Chris Ryden.

Jonjo Fagan left Cork, Ireland 10 years ago and is living happily in London with his wife and young son, Dylan. But Dylan desperately needs a transplant. Jonjo's hope for a suitable match for Dylan lies with his criminal brother, Seamus; requiring Jonjo to return to the vibrant underbelly of Cork in a desperate attempt to save his beloved son. Over the course of a night we meet Romanian gangsters, one-legged pimps and 'cake-baking' gangsters as Jonjo must return to the life he left behind. Filmmaker Chris Ryden says: "Coming from an Irish background, I’ve always been drawn to the dynamics of a culture that masks pain and fear with an unbridled wit and an indomitable spirit."

Colourful characters meets real, raw emotion in REBEL CITY. Want to make REBEL CITY a reality? You can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign HERE.


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