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"Night at the Museum"is a comedy adventure movie series.It is directed by Shawn levy and directed by Chris Columbus.The main cast of this movie series is" Ben Stiller".Night at the museum is a three series movie and the first one was released in 2006. It had a high budget of $110million.It was really praised and was based on a children book of the same name.It is an adventure movie in which a Larrey Daley(Ben Stiller) is locked in a musem and spends a night there.The movie was a 3D movie and was released by "20CenturyFox".The film has two more sequels from which one was released on 2009 and the other is in a process of being released in 2014.The film is said to be released in IMAX 3D and would be a major success.This film series is a major hit on christmas holidays and is watched by children in home.This year the children are waiting for "Night at the Museum:Secret of the Tomb" anxiously.

The movie is prefered to be watched by children of all ages and will be a really very exciting movie in the whole three series.The movie has gained an international success!!!!! This christmas would be really exciting !!!!!!



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