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The toughest thing about being a celebrity? Some say it's the peer pressure; going to parties and worrying about getting addicted to drugs, alcohol and any other unhealthy substances. Some say it's the fact that you never get any free time. What do I think? How should I know?! I'm not famous!


In all seriousness I don't know what the toughest thing about being a celebrity is, but I do know that one tough thing is being typecast. What is typecasting exactly? Well, being typecast is a lot like being judged by everyone for something you did once a long time ago; whether it was great or embarrassing doesn't matter.

Other terms for typecasting are "judging a book by its cover", "expecting the usual" and "Morgan Freeman".

"Need a wise old leader-type? Why not Zoid—Morgan?"
"Need a wise old leader-type? Why not Zoid—Morgan?"

But sometimes a star breaks out of his or her typecast, performing in an amazing role that is virtually different to what people are used to. Here are the top 5 movie stars that busted free of their typecast and starred in noticeably different roles!

5. Steve Buscemi, Role: Nucky Thompson (Boardwalk Empire)

Steve Buscemi has always been known as Hollywood's creepy joke making sidekick, always portraying a character you just sort of felt awkward around. Nothing about Steve Buscemi screams "serious character". Heck, even his voice sounds like that of a comedic actor's; he was basically built for these types of roles. Which is why it was incredibly strange when he was cast as top dog gangster Nucky Thompson in the HBO original series Boardwalk Empire. Steve Buscemi was the last person you'd think would do well portraying a "tommy gun" wielding gangster boss with a mixed set of morals, a convoluted conscience and an even more incomprehensible form of common sense. But after seeing Boardwalk Empire, I can honestly say there's no one I'd rather see play Nucky than Steve Buscemi! Just check him out in this Boardwalk clip below!

Warning! Clip's a bit violent and swear filled:

If that's what he does to people he's not angry with, I'd hate to see the state of the people he's furious with!

4. Amy Adams, Role: Charlene Fleming (The Fighter)

For the longest time, Amy Adams was known for being the quirky and lovable girl in rom-coms that the main character always fell for in the end. This typecast role was nearly sealed when she played the adorable airhead princess in 2007's Enchanted. Luckily, in 2010 she nabbed a much different role from her typical one; Charlene Fleming in The Fighter. Amy Adams portrays a character far from the usual airhead character you'd expect her to play. Instead, Charlene is tough and independent female bartender with an "I don't play games" attitude! Not only did it win her an Academy Award, but the role proved to Amy and everyone else that she was a real actor and that she was not going to sit back and allow herself to be typecast!

Here's a scene from The Fighter so you can see a little of Amy's award winning performance. Warning, just like the first clip, this one's a bit swear-y.

3. Steve Carell, Role: John du Pont (Foxcatcher)

First off, if you haven't seen Foxcatcher yet, stop what you're doing right now! Go and find the nearest DVD store you can find! In fact, invite your friends too!

Quick lads! To the Redbox!
Quick lads! To the Redbox!

Now I assumed you stopped reading this to go watch it. It's ok, I'll wait....Back? Good! Now I can tell you just how amazing Steve Carell is in this film. I admit, when I first saw the trailer for Foxcatcher and saw that Steve "satirical comedy man" Carell was playing the role of estranged and eccentric millionaire John du Pont, I was half expecting the trailer to take a comedic turn and reveal itself as some sort of dark humor film. But as I continued to watch the trailer, two things became apparent. 1) This film was absolutely serious and real! And 2) Steve Carell is the ONLY choice for this film!

Though you may think I'm crazy for saying someone like Steve would do well in this film; trust me, he was made for this type of role. We just never saw it! His true dramatic talent was being buried by tons of films involving outrageous, raunchy and sometimes maybe a little political humor. But forget all about the old Steve Carell that you remember, if only for a moment, and witness this amazing drama film starring Steve in his most groundbreaking (and typecast breaking) role yet. Still not convinced? Well then I have something better than a clip for you; I have a whole trailer!

2. Chris Evans, Role: Steve Rogers (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Right now it's hard to believe that there was a time when Chris Evans was virtually unknown. It's even harder to believe that most of his roles were "goofball hot guy with an empty head" much like that of Sean William Scott's except, get this, less famous and/or notable! Of course, now Chris Evan's name is known worldwide; while Sean's has...noticeably faded.

"How great was American Reunion right? RIGHT?!!
"How great was American Reunion right? RIGHT?!!

Chris was typecast in this role for a long time. Even when he got cast as Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the Fantastic Four film and it's sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer, his role was basically the same; just with the added bonus of being able to light yourself on fire with a simple command.

It wasn't until he was cast as Steve Rogers/Captain America that he finally got a career changing role. Sure he still made jokes, and every girl I know (EVERY ONE) have agreed unanimously that he has the "bod of a god". But his jokes aren't on their usual annoying level and he isn't trying to obnoxiously get with a girl using his admittedly impressive super-pecs. All in all, Cap is his first actual serious role and the one that opened up tons of other role opportunities for Chris. Here's an awesome Cap America clip for ya.

1. Jonah Hill, Michael Finkel (True Story)

This one was a hard one. Jonah Hill has done films out of his range before, Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street are pretty good examples. But I'd have to say that True Story is the one that truly broke the actor out of the "foul-mouthed, outrageously funny man-child" he's known for. The only problem is, I can't exactly say that with he utmost confidence yet; as I've yet to see the movie. That's because True Story is set for a limited theatrical release on April 10, 2015. But, I have seen the trailer. Though that's not exactly enough to determine whether or not the film will be good, it is a good amount to be able to determine how typecast breaking it is for Jonah Hill. This is Hill's first completely non-comedic role! Well, I'm sure Jonah will make a joke here or there, but this film is absolutely, 100% a drama. Not a drama-comedy, but a full fledged drama!

Just like Steve Carell in Foxcatcher, Jonah's casting in this drama film surprised me, but after seeing the trailer, I am fully convinced that Jonah Hill is one of the best actors of this generation! The way he transforms his entire persona is just amazing! He truly has come a long way since his Superbad days.

Not that we didn't love you in that Jonah!
Not that we didn't love you in that Jonah!

Check out the amazing trailer below, and check out True Story when it hits theaters!

Alright, so there you have it! The top 5 stars that, against all odds, broke out of their typecasts and made it! Which role did you like most?


Which typecast breaking role did you like most?


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