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Hindu Gods fused in marvel and DC universe?.......Well if that was the case then it would have been really awesome for all the comic book fans out there.We all know these God's have been described in ancient Hindu texts thousands of years ago donning power of the universe and are often depicted as powerful beings of a different race,sadly giants like Marvel and DC have somewhat failed in realizing the immense potential of depicting these immortal beings in their comics and movies.Some Hindu Gods did feature in Wonder Women comic series in 1999 but that was for a very brief period and then they completely disappeared from the scene.But it looks like some comic book creators and artists in India have taken this bold step in portraying these gods as warriors and action heroes just like there counterparts in DC and Marvel it the blue skinned Lord Rama or the god of creation and destruction Lord Shiva they have somewhat sparked an interest among the creators,artists and graphic novel publisher's all over the world by showing mythology such as 'Ramayana and Mahabharatha'in epic graphical novel style.

The best part is that they have completely overhauled the traditional images of the god's by giving them bulging muscles and six pack abs.They have fused them into western style characters which can be best described as when "EAST MEET'S WEST's" imagination.

According to New Delhi-based artist Anirudh Sainath Krishnamani "traditional depictions of Hindu god Rama as clean-shaven and fair-looking doesn’t comport with the Rama described in Hindu texts, which describe the god living for years in a forest, fighting many battles and single-handedly slaying 14,000 demons".

Let's take a look at some of the artistic impressions that have been incorporated in some comic books based in India.

1.Hanuman an ardent devotee of Rama

2.Lord Rama in new avatar

3.Rama with dreadlocks and a buff physique, ready to take on his enemies while riding on Hanuman's back.

Yeah....Hanuman can fly cool!!
Yeah....Hanuman can fly cool!!

4.Lord Rama with a bow


6.Indra God of thunder slaying a sea monster

7.Another pic of Indra

8.'Agni' GOD of fire

9.Futuristic Lord Krishna with his blueish complexion in epic 'MAHABHARATHA'

Courtesy of Campfire Graphic Novels
Courtesy of Campfire Graphic Novels

10.Brahma God of creation

Looks like he is holding a remote
Looks like he is holding a remote

11.One of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu

12.Lord Shiva


14.Unknown God

15.Demon God Ravanna

16.Lord Vishnu in is original form

17.Kali goddess of empowerment and power

sorry for the pixellated pic
sorry for the pixellated pic

So these are some of the God's that have been depicted in some of the comic novels here in India and the US,as you can see there is immense potential to include them in DC and Marvel universe.The kind of history that is attached to mythological texts such as Ramayana and Mahabharatha is of epic proportion and can easily be made into movies.Movies such as AVATAR and Lord of the rings will look like disney movies when compared to this universe of God's.Any ways i hope Hollywood realizes that these beings can be reincarnated through reel life if not real life and hence can bring joy to us....f*** yeah!!.........and not to mention getting them into gaming universe will also change a lot of things.

Since there are hundreds of thousands of God's in Indian culture it can be rightly said that it is still an uncharted territory for hollywood and other big time publishers which is filled with lot's of adventure and huge braincandy like stories.


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