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I am my sons first Superhero.. Top that.
Keith Stonehart

Ok. I get it. I realize that without Batman , there is no Robin . I also realize that without Robin , there absolutely can be (and has been )Batman.

But - The Robin persona is something that I think most would agree brings and element that is much needed to the Dark Knight - balance.

The need that Bruce has for the father /son relationship that he lost (although ,that relationship is perpetuated through father figures like Alfred , Lucius Fox and even Ra's in a weird sort of way). With all of the Robins , there was a key element provided in each relationship.

With Dick Grayson , he was the perfect protege' . Obedient to Bruce , but quickly learning and earning his cred , became a proven leader. Nightwing was an organic evolution for Dick , as well as taking on the mantle of Batman while Bruce was missing .With Grayson , it was beyond trust and admiration but a near equality that few others have achieved.

With Jason Todd, it was flawed from the beginning. His brokenness and need for discipline was seemingly a challenge that Bruce reluctantly accepted , but somehow needed for his own psyche. The inherent need to fix something , in this case someone that just couldn't be. Jason's anger and propensity for violence made him the most fierce fighter , but also the most unstable. Every fight was fought with intensity and no reserve. Naturally , his death and resurrection as the Red Hood was only fitting as the second boy wonder graduated from the School of the Bat. Completely opposite of his predecessor in every way - from hero , to anti-hero.

With Tim Drake , it was his ability to connect with Bruce intellectually , unlike the 2 before him. Not that Grayson or Todd either one were unintelligent , but Tim's thought process and methodology were so much like Bruce's , it was almost flattery.Tim was adopted by Bruce and the endearment between them was a dynamic unseen before him and only rivaled by the one who would follow him and was oddly Tim's biggest Rival - Damien Wayne. Becoming Red Robin was a sure indicator that although Tim had earned his wings and was moving on , the Robin moniker would be something that he would never release. The ownership of the Robin mantle would always be his , while Damien would only be his replacement. A true show of the competitive spirit possessed by Tim Drake .

Finally , Damien Wayne - Bruce's flesh and blood would somehow be a conglomeration of all 3 of the previous Robin's making him a true brother of the brotherhood. Highly intelligent , aggressive in approach to battle , yet methodical and slightly insane ... Sharp witted and equally sharp tongued , Damien would finally fulfill the father/son relationship completely with Bruce.

So - what does all of that have to do with the title of my article ? - The fact that each one of these characters are strong enough to command a movie of their own. The depth of each character goes far beyond surface level , with dynamics all their own internally - much less thrown into a storyline all together.

The family dynamic , the struggle for leadership , the passion and eagerness to please their teacher - its ALL THERE.

Imagine a movie where Batman is referred to and maybe even glimpsed in scenes of memory sequence or flashback - but never brought to the forefront. As a viewer , you can almost begin to relate to the desire just to see him finally as much as these 4 graduates of the Cowl.

Each character bringing their own presence to the storyline , yet forming perfect unity in purpose and teamwork.

And why not show "Bats" in an all Robin's feature? - Come on do we really want to consider the casting nightmare of Bruce all over again?

No , I think these characters are strong , and lets face it - as fans and comic book readers - we love to see it when they are all together. DC should be paying attention..

As far as sequels go - there are still Robins I haven't mentioned ;)

Now - who to cast for each Robin ?

Let me know in the comments !


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