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Will my children like comics and other geeky stuff as much as I do?
Jose Javier Olivas Osuna

Sony's comedy, The Interview, became a scandal. Blackmail, threats, cancellation of the release, online distribution, hackers, etc.

Some companies are afraid of cyber attacks because of the interference in their services and of the private information that can be stolen and leaked.

Sony seems to have yielded to blackmail although it rejects the accusations of cowardice and claims: β€œIt is still our hope that anyone who wants to see this movie will get the opportunity to do so". Could Sony be transforming this crisis in a formidable campaign of promotion for the movie?

Is yielding to blackmail and cancelling The Interview an act of cowardice from Sony? A logical business reaction to protect the interests of the company? Or even part of a marketing an promotion campaign to give more visibility to the movie by playing the victim card?

Check out the poll and debate at netivist.


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