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A few months ago we were given great news that Teen Titans were gunna be made into a live action tv show and that TNT has ordered a pilot. The writers were Akiva Goldsman (who wrote those two lozy batman movies in the 90s. Hopefully has gotten better over time.) and Marc Haimes. Then a week ago Geoff Johns, the CCO of DC comics announced confirmation of Nightwing and the shoot of the pilot sometime next yr.

Even though the [Teen Titans](movie:731992) comics are the most celebrated comics of all time but it will face an uphill battle to survive in DCTVU. Though i believe it can as long as they follow a few simple keys to success:

1) Tone:

Romance Action Drama Suspense we all know makes shows awesome and this show has to be no different.

The tone is very important for any piece of literature or movie. For the titans tv show it needs to capture at times the light hearted soul of the titans comics that makes so enjoyable. The bond of not only a team forming but friendships as well. The way they care, joke, and hangout together should totally be a part of the show.

The other part of the tone should be more like the Young Justice animated show. A more serious focused tone. There must be absolute peril in this show and it must show the struggles of not only the team as a whole but individually as well. How they deal with toughest of circumstances, adversities that are presented in front of them. Show can they work well together, do they have what it takes 2 be more than just sidekicks and outcasts???

2) Location Location Location

Simple just don't limit the show to one particular place like Bludhaven or New York or Metropolis, make it global. Go to South America, Russia, The Middle East and tons of exotic places. Change of sceneries can present the team with newfound challenges and obstacles.

3) Do not make a direct adaption of comics or animated works

Now i know i said make the tone like YJ but i did not mean make it exactly YJ. Don't make it like the Teen Titans show or comics. You want to keep it fresh and different. Ppl who don't read comics do not know whats gunna happen here or there but ppl who do have an idea of what may happen. This show must keep the audience on their toes w/o compromising the integrity of the characters and the show. Take a look @ Arrow and The Flash as examples. Go against the grain at times are the best moves to make... Sometimes lol

4) Batman must have an impact someway on the show...

Whether its in his Batman uniform or in his civilian clothes, Batman must be an impact on this show. Huge or medium impact may be required. The show is centered around Nightwing and how he grows as leader of team and Batman is a big part of that.

Batman may have took in Nightwing as a young boy, as his partner Robin but The way Batman operates a different way Nightwing does and their beliefs and the way they see the world is vastly different now. The show must show the past relationship of the two and how the unraveling began w/ flashbacks and show their present relationship from time to time. And Batgirl acts as an go between for the two.

Steven R McQueen as Nightwing is perfect
Steven R McQueen as Nightwing is perfect

5) Characters and Casting

Plain and simply... GET IT RIGHT!

The characters i believe should mix teen titans and young justice characters. Bring in along with Nightwing: Starfire, Raven (eventually in season 1), Artemis, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, and Superboy. Beast boy should come along later on in the series when it picks up enuff steam. Add future characters along the way as every now and again characters.

The Villians help make the show too... U need a deathstroke definitely! Lex luthor yes.... A sportsmaster and a chesire, and a psimon and a black manta and Vandal Savage. Love to see jason todd (Red Hood), & blockbuster.

In summary this show can be so badass in my opinion and i know if it in someways goes like this... The show can not only survive but thrive and last for years to come. Crossing my fingers. This was my first article... Hope u guyz enjoyed it.


Will the Titans show live up to expectations???


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