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The Flash is an incredible show. It's been breaking ratings ever since it's premiere and then had a crossover event with the Arrow that was literally the best ever.

Well turns out we're about to see a familiar face: Mark Hamill. He played the Trickster on the 1990 Flash series. Now's he's back as the Trickster and he's excited for it. It won't be the Trickster from the 1990's but it'll be different version.'s Mark Hamill guys. This will be awesome.

In an interview with IGN Mark Hamill said:

“Well listen, it’s really in the embryonic stages. We discussed it over the phone. I like these guys, what they’ve already done with the show. I’m a fan. I had watched all seven or eight episodes that they had at the time… When they asked me to be a part of it, the last thing I was thinking was that I would be returning to that specific role, but I think you’re going to be really pleased with what they’ve come up with. It was totally unexpected.”

In the 1990 Flash, Hamill played the Trickster as criminal psychopath James Jesse, who was based heavily on the original Trickster from the comics. Then in the early 2000's, Alex Walker took up the Trickster.

What could the change be? Maybe it's a storyline involving with Mark Hamill and Alex Walker...which is probably very unlikely but would be really cool. Who knows what the twist will be, but if Mark Hamill thinks it's awesome then I think it's awesome.

What about you guys? Are you excited for Mark Hamill to reprise the role of the trickster?


Do you want Hamill to play the Trickster?


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