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  • MInecraft, possibly one of the biggest games ever, selling millions worldwide and across many different consoles and from its popularity it certainly deserves its own movie. By now you probably know of the rumoured minecraft movie possibly in progress. Which will be made by Warner Brothers studios which to be honest is I think a bad move, yeah it's one of the most popular games ever but we're the back story there not going to make a 2 hour long movie on Steve mining blocks killing mobs finding diamonds. We've heard nothing about the story and characters (well Steve.......obviously) only rumours and fan theories/fictions and etc. However I may be able to shine some light on the topic with my fan fiction.

Okay so in the beginning there were lots of Steve's but with different clothes, shapes, and sizes.....and names like Bob and Jeff, and there were Steve girls like Stephanie and Lizzy. You know all living in your average medieval kingdom with a castle and stuff and there were no mobs.....but one the ender dragon and every so often he would Nick a few sheep or steal cow, burn down a building, therefore was commonly attacked by the kings army's and at some point the lender Dragon decides to fight back because he's fed up and goes on a full whack rage at everything in the kingdom the army's fight back but are useless and the ender shoots a first ball of radiation full awesomeness at everyone mutating some on impact making them into ender men, killing some with flesh barely still in contact with its skeleton making them into zombies, (as well as happening to pigs therefore making zombie pig men) killing peeps by obliterating everything but there skeletons making skeletons and wither skeletons, and as the the kings wizards spare their own life's sending the ender Dragon to another dimension, sending a few hundred ender men to the same dimension, and as the pig men didn't get along well when attacked they were sent to a different dimension as genocide was not the idea but seeing as the ender dragons body was massive it would take a while to send the beast to this unknown world, it didn't kill the wizards but turned them evil. Then the dragon head for the castle as the rest of population were degraded to hell spawns and the king and queen had twin boys 17 years ago called Steve and Brian. The king grabbed his diamond...yes diamond awesome..armour and sword and half way through the battle, Brian pounced to his father's aid and helps but out doesn't help and at his father's final living moments his father says (despite his failure saving his dad) Brian despite your stupidity of coming back you are my hero, my herobrian and dies and then in blistering rage Brian attacks but gets shot down by the Dragon but survives because the dragons flammable gives off radiation giving are newly named soon to be evil villain arch nemesis to are awesome still powerless hero Steve gets super strength enhanced heal the regeneration and durability making him able to survive ten consecutive creeper explosions or more. Meanwhile are hero with the queen are in a carriage pulled by pigs seeing as this is like a million gazillion chilling updates before horses so yeah pigs but unfortunately the ender Dragon catches up and shoots fiery ball of flame and just misses giving Steve and the queen some of the radiation but queen gets too much and gets some form of disease or something almost a cancer meaning she's soon dead but the wizards witchcraft finally pays off and they survive as the ender Dragon is whisked to a different dimension and start fend for themselves in the forest their powers giving them enough strength to break wood and rock the could surely make a some shelter kill clean skin and cook wild animals as she is of royal blood was taught to protect herself and taught her son Steve how to (swing his sword sword swing his diamond Sword sword the Lord of diamond sword)protect himself while she is soon dead from her disease and leave us off from the start if minecraft while you quest to avenge his kingdom and king/father and mother and turpentine trying to also seek killing you thinking you should die for not helping save your father why your own twin brother trying to kill you it all makes sense to be honest except I don't know why everything's square.

Well I do think it is a quite good but not an amazing theory and I don't know if the minecraft movie will be made but for now we will wait to this horrible movie or an amazing work of art til then..........Bye comment and tweet for other movie and game theories and fictions. My Twitter is Max movie banter.


Should this happen or do you think it's just a mistake like your brother


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