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It has been an interesting year in film, with many great offerings for fans of cinema. From the wild action of The Raid 2 to the dark comedy Birdman, there was something for everyone.


As the moderator of the Vimeo groups Cinematic Montage Creators and The Finished Edit (among others), I have the extremely good fortune of having individuals submit to me on a daily basis their creative editing works for my review. These videos often include supercuts, mashups, recut trailers, tribute montages, and the like.

The end of the year is an especially fun time as that is when some of the best video editors marshal their talents, sit down in front of their computers and craft brilliant year-end retrospectives of the past year in film. This year was no exception, and the expertly edited montages and supercuts paying tribute to the movies of 2014 have been abundant and an absolute joy to watch.

So without further ado, I am pleased to share a few of the best 2014 cinema retrospectives I've come across thus far this year. I hope to add more as they come in, and if you've seen something exceptional which I haven't included please share it in the comments below.

Final Cut 2014 - A Movie Mashup

Nick Bosworth is one of my favorite editors, and his Final Cut 2014 - A Movie Mashup easily found a place in my Top 5 cinema retrospectives of 2014. This supercut is some of the best work he has done.

The 25 Best Films of 2014: A Video Countdown

David Ehrlich's year-end best films countdowns are always entertaining. So it was not surprising at all that his The 25 Best Films of 2014: A Video Countdown was an amazingly cut look back at the year's best.

The Best of Cinema 2014

Janz Anton-lago was someone I just recently came across, but his The Best of Cinema 2014 definitely struck a chord with me with its subtle and elegant editing. It was most definitely one of the more moving tributes to some of the best films of the year.

Cinefile 2014

The terrific retrospective Cinefile 2014 by Miguel Branco is what any supercut aspires to be...the perfect combination of music, visuals, and dialogue.

Movies 2014

Nikita Malko included 300 films in the grand opus Movies 2014, an immensely pleasing reminder of what I loved about the movies of 2014.

Those are just five of the outstanding 2014 film compilations which caught my attention. If you'd like to see a greater selection, please visit the Cinematic Montage Creators group where you can view many more excellent retrospectives, as well as a large variety of supercuts, mashups, and montages.

Taking a brief moment to look forward, this time next year should be an absolutely amazing time for editors of supercuts following a year in cinema that will include the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mission: Impossible V, Mad Max: Fury Road, Inside Out, Spectre, Jurassic World, and much more. Until then...enjoy, and here's a preview montage by "Colin the Duck" of some notable action films coming our way in 2015.


Which was your favorite 2014 movie retrospective?


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