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In 2009, 20th Century Fox distributed quite possibly the worst anime adaptation into theaters to date. Even Akira toriyama was so disappointed and upset with fox that he went along and made a brand new anime Dragon Ball Z Movie called Battle of Gods. Evolution had a budget of 30 million USD, while Battle of Gods had a budget of 575,000 USD, evolution only made 9.78 million its first weekend with a total box office of approx. 50 million. Battle of Gods on the other hand made made 18.7 million USD in Japan alone and 23 million worldwide with a grand total of 50 million. Doesn't seem like a lot but again look at the budget differences. My point of this is that 20th Century Fox and other producers did not take the live action adaptation seriously. They had a potential 6 or 7 movie franchise on their hands but did not follow through on it because well they were just too cheap.

What should have been done was have a director who knew what they doing and a screenwriter who knows dragon ball. Another thing was have akira toriyama involved a lot more as well. Have a budget of at least 70 to 100 million because of the amount of actors and actresses it would need to include all the key characters that need to be in it. One of those main characters is Krillin. Krillin is Gokus best friend. For them to not include him in evolution was a stab in the back to Goku and the fans of Dragon Ball. Also, as impossible as it may seem, include all three major villians the Goku faced as a kid in it as well. You see the movie doesn't have to be exactly as the anime went. For example, have Emperor Pilaf hire the red ribbon army to find the dragonballs for him while Mai and Shu look for Piccolo's Urn as a back up plan in case the army falls. The middle of the movie have Goku take out the army, forcing Pilaf to release Piccolo to finish the job. Piccolo eventually turns on Pilaf once he finds all the dragonballs. Piccolo faces Goku, Goku loses and is saved by Roshi and Tien, Goku Is taken to Korins tower to train, while piccolo takes over the capital. All of this happening leading up to the epic battle between Goku and Piccolo.

Of course I have plenty more about what it should it be but i dont want to give up to much information. In conclusion, it is possible to make a great dragon ball movie and have its comical and seriousness as well in the mix. Any comments or questions for free to say below:


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