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What is it?

This easter was not discovered until a month ago when rocksteady released a video on youtube (which we will talk about later), but up until then no one about it, I mean was it really that hard to find?

It is very mysterious and does not say much, but the theories are very interesting because gamers ad batman fans dont really know what to say about it.

Some theories on the video

1. Rocksteady is talking through calendar man about their three games so far and how the fourth one will be full of surprises

2. Its talking about calendar man, about his final plot about to be revealed on arkham knight game coming soon

3. It talks about the return of the joker and how he will come back in a way not even harley quinn knew

What is the video about?

First of all the channels name is JG jour which stands for Julian Gregory Day (Jour is french for day), and it only has one video uploaded, it only lasts 44 seconds and it features calendar man speaking inside of his cell. At a certain point he will say special quote that personally I have never heard so it must be very special to hear it. Talking about his work and how it lame at the begining and it got better. Here is the video

Here is what he says:

Well, well, well, on today of all days, do you remember my early work? Flawed but showed promise. Just like you. As your skills improved I perfected mine.

Starting with seasons, and moving through the weeks, I became stronger. My work more elaborate. Days were the secret, Batman. And the end of days is coming.

I was there at your beginning, and I will be there at your end.

The video does not feature the whole quote, but I googled it and found it complete.

Is the end of days really coming in Batman: Arkham Knight? Who will be there? Joker? Calendar man?

What do you think?


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